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‘Ghost’ population of humans discovered in ancient Africa

The rock shelter at Shum Laka in Cameroon. Surprisingly, the ancient people who lived at this rock shelter are not related to the people in the region today. During the Stone Age in what...

Death mask of King Henry VII is brought to astonishing life in a digital...

Henry VII's death mask showed a clean-shaven face, but he may have worn a beard in life, as shown in the new reconstruction. The somber face of Britain's King Henry VII was recently given a...

The Disturbing True Story Behind Hansel And Gretel

When a great famine struck Europe in 1314, mothers abandoned their children and in some cases, even ate them. Scholars believe that these tragedies gave birth to the story of Hansel and Gretel.The notorious...

Plague victims in medieval mass grave were arranged with care by ‘last chance’ hospital’s...

A close-up shows part of the mass grave at Thornton, where the deceased were carefully positioned and placed in an organized manner without any overlapping. Archaeologists in England recently uncovered new details about a medieval...

Columbus’ Claims of Cannibal Raids May Have Been True After All

When Christopher Columbus landed in what he called the "New World," he claims to have found himself in the middle of a violent indigenous feud. Christopher Columbus got a lot of things wrong about...

Japan’s Plan To Bomb The U.S. With Plague During World War 2

In 1945, Japan developed a plot for mass death in America via biological warfare under the innocuous title "Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night." Here's why the plan failed miserably. Xinhua via Getty ImagesUnit 731 personnel...

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