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UFO sighting: ‘Alien metal disk’ retrieved from Delaware river — ‘There for 100s of...

UFO enthusiasts think a flying saucer-shaped alien spaceship has been discovered at the bottom of a US river - but is all as it seems? Alien life conspiracy theorists believe they have...

Alien news: Giant alien skull spotted in NASA images — conspiracy theory claim

A SKULL of a giant alien has been spotted on Mars according to conspiracy theorists who have said it is a "crime against humanity" to hide evidence of extraterrestrials. UFO hunters analysing...

Life after death: Man ‘meets God’ following near death experience

A MAN who had a near death experience after being electrocuted believes he met God and claims there is no doubt about the afterlife. A person known as Jobe believes he caught...

End of the world: Doomsdayers warn of apocalypse ‘Time is very short’

THE CONSTRUCTION of the 'Third Temple' is near, according to doomsday forecasters who believe we will soon see the end of the world. There were two Holy Temples of Jerusalem built on...

UFO sighting: Space ship half the size of the MOON seen in NASA images

A UFO half the size of the Moon has apparently been spotted by alien hunters in NASA images of the Sun. A massive object has appeared in a NASA image near to...

Life after death: Woman argued with Jesus Christ in bizarre claim she visited heaven

LIFE AFTER DEATH is real, at least according to a woman who claims to have had a standoff with Jesus Christ in the afterlife. Scientists are yet to conclusively determine whether life...

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