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Coronavirus shock claim: ‘Smoking gun of Chinese lab leak’ exposed by bioweapons expert

CORONAVIRUS is a bioweapon which was accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a level four biosafety laboratory seven miles from the epicentre of the outbreak, according to sensational claims from the man...

Coronavirus news: Psychic predicts COVID-19 will peak on March 17

THE CORONAVIRUS epidemic is about to hit a peak after which the number of infected will drastically drop, a controversial Polish psychic has claimed. Coronavirus has so far infected more...

Coronavirus theories: Is it a bioweapon – Is COVID-19 a biblical plague?

CORONAVIRUS theories have flooded the internet with outrageous claims of failed experiments, biblical prophecies of the end times and Nostradamus predictions. Here are the most bizarre claims made about the COVID-19 epidemic. ...

Life on Mars: ‘Fossils and worms found on Red Planet’ claim alien hunters

LIFE has reportedly been discovered on Mars, a controversial alien biology publication has bizarrely announced. For hundreds of years humans have looked at the Red Planet and pondered whether alien...

Nostradamus 2020: Prophecies of plague that eerily sound like coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS has found a foothold in Europe and Asia as tens of thousands of people fall ill with COVID-19 - but did Nostradamus warn the world of the epidemic nearly 500 years ago? ...

Coronavirus prophecy: As death toll surges is COVID-19 proof of the end times?

CORONAVIRUS infections are rapidly spreading across the globe amid growing concerns and bizarre theories the COVID-19 epidemic was foretold by the Bible's Book of Revelation. The coronavirus has infected more...

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