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Earth began to gain speed and the day is no longer 24 hours

The planet Earth began to gain speed and makes rotation around its axis faster and faster. This indicator has been changing constantly for many thousands of years. However, scientists claim that recently...

Lunar contract between NASA and SpaceX gets protection

The U.S. Senate will consider legislation that includes an amendment that would protect the contract SpaceX won under the Lunar contract program (HLS) with their Starship Lunar. The amendment extends the deadline...

Record-breaking iceberg: a new ice island emerged in the Weddell Sea

From the shores of Antarctica broke off the largest iceberg in the world today - it can accommodate one and a half Moscow, three St. Petersburg or five Volgograd. The elongated ice...

One of Earth’s largest volcanoes is expected to erupt

Mauna Loa in Hawaii is one of the largest volcanoes in the world. Researchers from the University of Miami have analyzed the current state of the volcano. It turns out that nowit...

Satellite photographed lunar eclipse

MoonNatural satelliteRadius: 1,737.1 km Popular requestAge: 4.53E9 yearsDistance to Earth: 384 400 kmAcceleration of gravity: 1.62 m/s²Density: 3.34 g/cm³Revolving around: Earth The Moon is the only natural satellite of...

NASA to fund project to return Titan soil samples

The Glenn Research Center has received a grant from NASA to develop the A Titan Sample Return Using In-Situ Propellants mission project. Its goal is to return Titan soil samples using local...

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