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NASA UFO sighting: What did Buzz Aldrin see on Apollo 11 – ‘Told not...

UFO enthusiasts believe NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin saw a UFO during the Apollo 11 mission - but what really happened 51 years ago? In July 1969, NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz"...

Flat Earth fiasco: Truthers rally as NASA astronaut shares photos of Earth from space

FLAT Earth believers were left puzzled after NASA astronaut Bob Behnken shared a photo of Earth from space. The NASA astronaut is currently stationed aboard the International Space Station (ISS) where has...

Near death experience: Man describes afterlife as ‘endless void’ in shocking account

A MAN who temporarily died believes he had a glimpse of the afterlife, and saw what he described as an "endless void". A person named Schon suffered from Leukemia when he was...

UFO sighting: Aliens found FEEDING on chickens – shock claim

CONSPIRACY theorists believe they have spotted a small UFO near to a chicken coop, with the aliens inside the ship feeding on the farmyard birds. A video showing what looks like a...

Life after death: Man opens up about meeting JesusChrist in the afterlife

A MAN who nearly died as a child claims to have met and spoken to Jesus Christ in the afterlife. The man, who said his name is Jeff, fell into a swimming...

Bible verses about plague: What does the Bible say about plague and pestilence?

BUBONIC Plague cases have been confirmed in China amid the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic - but what does the Bible have to say about plague and pestilence? The Bubonic Plague...

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