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Fungus is destroying a buried Viking ship. Here’s how Norway plans to save it.

Archaeologists are racing against the clock to save the remains of a buried Viking ship from a ruthless foe: fungus. If the project is successful, the 65-foot-long (20 meters) oak vessel — called the Gjellestad...

The Last Nazi Cyphers Cracked By Britain’s MI6 Revealed

The transmissions were released to mark the 75th anniversary of the Allies' victory in Europe. GCHQTranscripts of the Nazi messages are being digitized by the Bletchley Park Trust. As Allied troops drew nearer, on May...

This Week In History News, May 10 – 16

Japanese castle from the 1500s unearthed, 2,000-year-old Roman roads revealed by sinkhole, ancient Egyptian funeral home discovered.16th-Century Warlord’s Castle Unearthed In Japan Mainichi/Ai KawahiraWorkers excavate the stone wall of the Kyoto Shinjo castle. Few ever saw...

When the Romans turned Jerusalem into a pagan city, Jews revolted and minted this...

The bronze coin has the words "Year Two of the Freedom of Israel" with a cluster of grapes in the middle. Archaeologists in Israel have discovered a rare coin minted about 1,900 years ago, when...

‘Blank’ Dead Sea Scrolls have hidden letters on them

The Hebrew word "Shabbat" is visible in the upper right hand corner. A lamed (the letter "L" in Hebrew) is written on the left side of the fragment. Four Dead Sea Scroll fragments, previously thought...

Hidden underground chambers unearthed near Israel’s Western Wall

Co-director of the excavation Barak Monnickendam-Givon standing in the subterranean chambers. Archaeologists recently uncovered three ancient subterranean chambers carved in the bedrock beneath the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem. The 2,000-year-old chambers, consisting of an open...

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