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Dozens of ancient Egyptian graves found with rare clay coffins

This individual had a number of grave goods. It appears that the red pigment ochre covered part of the grave when the deceased was laid to rest. Archaeologists have discovered 83 graves from ancient...

Wreckage of lost American WWII planes finally found, in a Pacific lagoon

Punched holes in a panel from an SBD-5 Dauntless dive bomber are visible in wreckage resting on the floor of Truk Lagoon near the main debris site. Three WWII aircraft that were shot down during...

Bones of Neolithic immigrants killed in massacre found in Spanish cave

The cave of Els Trocs in the Spanish Pyrenees, indicated here by an arrow, was the scene of a brutal massacre about 7,300 years ago. The bones of nine Neolithic people found in a...

Bone walls made of human limbs and skulls discovered under church in Belgium

A series of nine walls were made largely with long bones from legs and skulls. Archaeologists recently discovered walls built from a macabre material: human bones, including shattered skulls, while excavating the grounds of...

Sophisticated Soviet spy radio discovered buried in former forest in Germany

The Soviet spy radio was found buried beside a path through a former forest near the German city of Cologne, a few miles from a nuclear research center and a military airbase. Archaeologists digging for...

Worms Frozen for 42,000 Years in Siberian Permafrost Wriggle to Life

Tiny nematodes like this one were found to be unexpectedly hardy, reviving after thousands of years frozen in Arctic ice. Did you ever wake up from a long nap feeling a little disoriented, not quite...

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