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Mummified kitten ‘strangled’ to death before being offered to the gods, new 3D scans...

This mummified kitten was strangled before its death, new micro CT scans show Two thousand years ago, an Egyptian priest picked up a baby cobra by its tail, whipped it through the air and slapped...

Crusader battlefield where ‘Richard the Lionheart’ defeated Muslims is unearthed in Israel

Richard the Lionhearted leads his Crusaders in battle against the Muslims at Arsuf. An archaeologist in Israel has located one of the Third Crusade's key battlefields — the spot where Richard I of England,...

Ancient stone ‘breadcrumbs’ reveal early human migration out of Africa

One of the distinctive stone tools, made with an ancient flint-knapping technology known as Nubian Levallois, found at the archaeological site in the Negev Desert. About 130,000 years ago, an early wave of anatomically modern...

10-Year-Old Schoolboy Finds 18th-Century Sword With Metal Detector

The sword is believed to have been an English officers' sword from about 300 years ago.Brian Quinn/Clonoe GalleryFionntan Hughes discovered the weapon not far from his home in Northern Ireland. Ten-year-old Fionntan Hughes has developed...

How the ‘Ghostly’ Image of a Sunken Plane Wound Up on Google Earth

A ghostly image of an airplane shows up off the coast of Edinburgh on Google Earth. Zoom in on the waters off the coast of Edinburgh on Google Earth, and your eye may catch something...

This Week In History News, Jul. 26 — Aug. 1

Prehistoric sea life resurrected, child's inscription from Auschwitz uncovered, sunken German U-Boat caught on film.Scientists Just Resurrected Life Forms That’d Been Sitting Below The Sea Floor For 100 Million Years JAMSTECA sampling of the prehistoric...

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