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Seussian beast survived the Triassic by taking lots of naps

An illustration of a Lystrosaurus in a torpor state. Some 250 million years ago, a Seussian-looking beast with clawed digits, a turtle-like beak and two tusks may have survived Antarctica's chilly winters not by fruitlessly...

Ancient caiman with ‘no parallel in the modern world’ left 46 bite marks on...

The ground sloth didn't stand a chance. About 13 million years ago, a ground sloth wandered too close to the water's edge, where a caiman lay waiting to strike. The attack likely happened in a...

Laura is now a monster Category 4 hurricane

Satellite image shows Hurricane Laura swirling over the Gulf of Mexico on Aug.26 at 10 a.m. ET Editor's Note: This story was updated at 2:21 p.m. ET to note that Laura has strengthened to a...

A pup preserved in permafrost ate one of the last woolly rhinos on Earth

The ice age pup's well-preserved teeth are still sharp. Just before a tiny pup died during the last ice age, it ate a piece of meat from one of Earth's last  woolly rhinos. Researchers made this...

Coronavirus news of the week (video)

Since the discovery of the virus that causes COVID-19, the daily news cycle has become swamped with updates about how the pathogen spreads, what the bug does to the body and what solutions might...

Does your personality change as you get older?

This kid's personality might gradually change over time, but whether he comes around on finger puppets is anyone's guess.  Between adolescence and adulthood, you go through a host of changes — jobs, regrettable haircuts and...

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