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Elephants are rapidly becoming extinct

Scientists from the Netherlands have developed a new algorithm. They want to use it to search from space for the most suitable areas for the population like Elephants, whose numbers have more...

MeerKAT has seen the flecks in the galactic group NGC 7232

With the telescope MeerKAT astronomers recorded a large number of cold neutral atomic water in the group of galaxies NGC 7232. In the opinion of the scientists, this indicates a complementary relationship...

Export of elephants from Africa to other continents banned

Elephants from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa can only be Export of elephants to other regions of Africa that are their habitat. This was thanks to...

Scientists are surprised: the largest accumulation of fish has been discovered in the deep...

The largest cluster of fish recorded at great depths was discovered by an oceanographic group studying marine inhabitants at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the Monterey...

Marine animals force the water itself to pull them forward when moving

Thinking about swimming, you probably imagine how you move in the water, starting from it. A new study by the Marine Biological Laboratory suggests that instead, many...

Don’t believe myths. Pets do not tolerate coronavirus

One of the most common myths about coronavirus concerns pets - supposedly they can tolerate infection. The founder of the animal protection movement UAnimals, Alexander Todorchuk, tells...

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