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Ancient ‘shapeshifting vampire demon’ anchovy had saber tooth and fangs

A painting of the 45-million-year-old saber-toothed anchovy Monosmilus chureloides chasing a shoal of smaller anchovies … until the early whale Dalanistes snaps it up. Scientists have discovered the remains of two ancient fish that sported...

Here’s how to tell a ‘murder hornet’ from other nasty wasps

An image taken by James Carpenter, an American Museum of Natural History researcher and coauthor of the new paper, shows the distinctive face of a murder hornet. So-called "murder hornets" have arrived in the United...

First animal ‘buckyballs’ discovered in 80-million-year-old sea lillies

Reconstruction of the Cretaceous marine animal Marsupites testudinarius. Weird, multisided geometric shapes called buckyballs have been discovered in an unexpected place: marine animals that lived 80 million years ago. Microscopic forms of buckyballs have been found...

Ancient humans scavenged this enormous elephant 300,000 years ago

This is how the ancient humans may have discovered the elephant's carcass on a lake shore at what is now Schöningen, Germany. Archaeologists have discovered the nearly complete skeleton of an enormous, now-extinct elephant...

‘First species discovered on Twitter’ is a parasitic fungus that dines on millipede genitals

Two white dots (circled in red) are actually a new species of parasitic fungus that lives on American millipedes. Researchers named it in honor of Twitter. Researchers have discovered a parasitic fungus that sucks nutrients...

T. rex was a deadly ‘power-walker’

In this artist's depiction of life 77 million years ago in Alberta, Canada, the tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus hunts a young horned Spinops. An adult Spinops tries to interfere, and a Coronosaurus watches from a distance. Tyrannosaurus...

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