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Tetrapodophis amplectus fossil

Tetrapodophis amplectus has been «demoted»

Brazilian fossil "demoted" from the lost links of evolution Tetrapodophis amplectus was previously thought to be an intermediate organism between lizards and snakes
Dogs are able to distinguish between random and special human actions

Dogs are able to distinguish between random and special human actions

Dogs have been living with humans for such a long time that they have learned to understand them quite well - they can pick up intonations, understand some words and gestures. That's...
Why can't animals talk like humans?

Why can’t animals talk like humans?

In some comedy movies, animals can talk just like people and it looks very funny. Probably many people would like to understand what their pets are thinking and feeling - dogs and...

Bees can solve mathematical problems — scientists

Bees have been trained to recognize geometric shapes and to solve nonskill problems. Scientists trained bdjolarians to solve simple math test without the need to use numbers, individuously teaching the comas to...

Elephants are rapidly becoming extinct

Scientists from the Netherlands have developed a new algorithm. They want to use it to search from space for the most suitable areas for the population like Elephants, whose numbers have more...

MeerKAT has seen the flecks in the galactic group NGC 7232

With the telescope MeerKAT astronomers recorded a large number of cold neutral atomic water in the group of galaxies NGC 7232. In the opinion of the scientists, this indicates a complementary relationship...

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