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SpaceX triumph, space tourism and space Internet

The outgoing year of 2021 secured the global leadership of SpaceX, whose capabilities in rocket and space technology is comparable to entire countries. Currently, virtually all innovations...
Quadrantida meteor shower

Quadrantida meteor shower: people will be able to see starfall

The Earth's inhabitants will see starfall and the biggest Sun at New Year holidays. At New Year's Eve, Earth residents will be able to see the maximum...
James Webb Telescope

James Webb — the most expensive scientific instrument in history

Twenty-fifth of December 2021 rocket "Ariane 5" is to lift into space the James Webb Telescope - the most advanced space observatory in human history. Such a...
NASA Perseverance rover

NASA Perseverance rover found potential signs of life on Mars

Mars rover mission NASA Perseverance found in the crater Jezero on Mars, organic molecules, which were capable of acting as "building blocks of life".
The Parker Solar Probe "touched" the solar corona for the first time

The Parker Solar Probe «touched» the solar corona for the first time

The apparatus measured magnetic fields and particle properties in the Sun's upper atmosphere. The interplanetary probe Parker Solar Probe passed through the upper part of the sun's...
Ice deposits on Mars

ExoMars probe: Large deposits of ice found on Mars

The ExoMars probe discovered large reserves of ice in one of the deep canyons located in the center of the Mariner valleys of Mars. The results of...

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