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he first earthquakes on Mars was recorded in April 2019. Since then, the SEIS seismometer on the rover has recorded another 480 tremors, but they were all very weak

How often do earthquakes on Mars occur and how do we know that?

Every year about 100,000 earthquakes are recorded on our planet. About a hundred of them cause countless devastation and even human deaths, but most go unnoticed. Earthquakes are usually caused by the...
How the Mars rovers of the future will look like

How the Mars rovers of the future will look like

The aeronautical agency NASA has been sending robots to Mars since the second half of the 20th century. The Mars rovers are usually equipped with several bicycles and can only move on...

White dwarfs will help solve the “lithium problem” of cosmology

For the first time, lithium, which is difficult to detect, has been identified and "weighed" in the atmosphere of burnt stars called white dwarfs, according to a...

Multichannel astronomy clarifies neutron star radius and Hubble constant

The combination of astrophysical measurements allowed astronomers to impose new restrictions on the radius of a typical neutron star and conduct a new calculation of the Hubble...

Astronomers have discovered possible radio emission from the exoplanet

Observing space using a radio telescope, an international team of scientists led by Cornell University discovered radio bursts emanating from the constellation Boete. This signal may be...

Black Holes Acquire New Powers

The general theory of relativity is a complex mathematical theory, but its description of black holes is surprisingly simple. A stable black hole can be described by...

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