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How does online dating work?

How does online dating work?

In the digital world, no one is surprised by successful online dating anymore, and the popularity of dating apps is constantly growing. We talk about how to find your match thanks to...
The catalog includes 1,715 stellar systems within 326 light-years of the Sun. Located in them hypothetical observers could track Earth's transits over the past 5 thousand years - that is, since the formation of human civilization. Another 319 stellar systems will be included in this list during the next 5 thousand years.

Catalog of stellar systems from which Earthly transits can be observed created

Using data from the Gaia Space Telescope, scientists have created the first catalog of stellar systems from which hypothetical inhabitants can, could in the past or will be able to observe Earth's...

China published a video of the landing of Zhuzhong

China's National Space Administration has published a series of new records showing the landing of the Mars rover Zhuzhong and its movement on the Martian surface. For example, the first video shows...

Rosalind Franklin ground rover begins first tests

The European Space Agency announced the beginning of the first tests of the ground model of the Rosalind Franklin rover. They are conducted in a Martian simulator: a special chamber prepared by...

NASA requests $24.8 billion for next year

NASA has released a revised budget request for 2022. In total, the aerospace administration plans to receive $24.8 billion. That's $1.5 billion more than it will receive this year.

“Al-Amal shows the hydrogen corona of Mars

Al-Amal is an automatic interplanetary station sent to Mars as part of the Emirates Mars Mission from Japan 00:58 July 20, 2020 Moscow time (July 19, 2020, 21:58:14 UTC) from Tanegashima Space...

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