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Texas father saves children, babysitter from massive 600-pound alligator

Andrew Grande says the alligator was interested in his 4-year-old daughterVideo    Dad saves kids from 600-pound alligator in TexasA dad says a 600-pound alligator came within three feet of his children playing near...

Thieving fox stole and stashed over 100 shoes in Berlin

What a heel. "Why did the fox steal my shoes?" sounds like the start of a brain-teasing riddle or an annoyingly viral song. But for people in Berlin, it was an existential question spurred...

What’s the risk of catching COVID-19 on public transportation?

The chances of catching COVID-19 on public transportation depend a lot on where you sit, with those closest to an infected person at the highest risk and those farther away at a relatively low...

After being swallowed alive, water beetle stages ‘backdoor’ escape from frog’s gut

Life's journey sometimes takes you to unexpected places. Being swallowed alive by a frog is a death sentence for most insects, but one beetle species shrugs off being digested and instead finds freedom by sneaking...

Entelodonts: Facts About Giant Killer ‘Pigs’

Dinohyus hollandi was a species of entelodont, of hell pig. Entelodont is a name given to any member of the extinct scientific family Entelodontidae. These large, primitive animals are also known as hell pigs. However,...

Colorado woman ‘terrified’ to discover 4-foot snake slither out of apartment toilet

The incident gave new meaning to snaking a toiletVideoColorado man uncoils 4-foot snake from toiletA Colorado woman lived out a childhood fear last week after she leaned over her apartment’s toilet bowl and saw...

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