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No, Scientists Haven’t Found a 512-Year-Old Greenland Shark

A Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus), swims under ice near northern Baffin Island, in the Canadian Arctic. Headlines circulating on the internet today (Dec. 14) breathlessly described the discovery of a 512-year-old shark — but they're...

The Real Story Behind ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’

The 2009 psychological horror film "The Haunting in Connecticut" tells the story of the Snedeker family, who in 1986 rented an old house in Southington, Connecticut. Allen and Carmen Snedeker moved in with their...
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California firefighters avoid bull while taming flames: See the video

Ventura County Fire Department said no one was injured in the encounterVideoLake Fire forces evacuations, road closures near Los AngelesFast-moving wildfire scorches over 10,000 acres in Southern California; Jeff Paul reports from Castaic.California firefighters...

Famous alien-hunting telescope slashed to pieces in mysterious midnight accident

The Arecibo Observatory — a gargantuan telescope in Puerto Rico famous for scouring the cosmos for asteroids and alien life — went quiet this week, following a devastating accident that left the telescope's reflector...

If you’ve never gazed upon the bald butt of a baby tarantula, now’s your...

The bald bum of LIl' Kim, an adopted Brazilian whiteknee tarantula Tarantulas, like all things hairy, sometimes go bald. And for the Brazilian whiteknee tarantula (), baldness starts with the butt.On Thursday (Aug. 6), entomologist...

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