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Landing of Chinese Mars rover to be held in mid-May

Landing of the descent module of the mission "Tianwen-1" to Mars will be held in mid-May. This was reported by representatives of the Chinese scientific community. The module will deliver 240-kilogram rover...

Ingeniuty unloaded on the Red Planet surface

The Perseverance rover successfully unloaded Ingeniuty, a helicopter drone, to the Red Planet surface on April 3. It should be the first vehicle that will make a controlled flight in the atmosphere...

Frowning Moai

Seventy cannons, two hundred and twenty-three sailors and soldiers, and three ships: the Arend, the Tinhoven, and the Afrikaanshe Galei were ready for Jacob Roggevain's expedition in 1721. The ships left Texel...

NASA estimates financial losses from COVID-19 pandemic

NASA Audit Commission published a report on the financial losses incurred by the organization due to the pandemic of the coronavirus C O V I D - 1 9. Controllers concluded that...

Virgin Galactic revealed a new tourist spaceplane

The company Virgin Galactic published photos and videos showing its new third-generation tourist spaceplane ( Space Ship Three ). It was named V S S Imagine and is designed to carry eight...

Mars mostly loses water in summer and during dust storms

Early Mars most likely had a fairly strong hydrosphere. However, now, because of the low atmospheric pressure, water may exist on the surface of the Red Planet only in the form of...

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