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US military’s ‘Jetson’ lasers can ID your unique heartbeat rhythm

Heartbeat rhythms are as unique as fingerprints, and lasers can identify their signature beats. The U.S. military could soon spot you in a crowd — not by your face or your gait, but by your...

‘Mad’ Mike Hughes dies in rocket crash

A view of "Mad Mike" Hughes' rocket, taken on Aug. 12, 2019. Mike Huges, the self-taught rocket scientist who was an avowed  flat-Earth conspiracy theorist, died Saturday morning (Feb. 22) during an attempt to launch...
Where used plastic?

Where used plastic?

Where used plastic? Over the years, people have used plasticizers for completely different purposes. Although a huge amount of time has passed since their invention, they are...

‘UK Space Agency rocket launches at Scottish eco site would be green suicide’ –...

The UK Space Agency has identified our very own version of Cape Canaveral, near Sutherland, Scotland, as the best place to launch small rockets carrying satellitesAt the UK’s most northerly tip, plans are in...

NASA says an asteroid the size of St Paul’s Cathedral will skim past Earth...

The asteroid, dubbed 2020 BR10, is set to fly past Earth at around 14:55 GMT today, according to the space agencyA huge asteroid is set to whizz past our planet today, NASA has revealed....

NASA astronaut shares stunning photos of ‘night-shining clouds’ over Earth

Jessica Meir, an astronaut on board the ISS, has snapped several stunning photos of ‘night-shining’ clouds in the upper atmosphere this weekNoctilucent clouds (Image: Astro_Jessica/Twitter) From their position on the International Space Station, astronauts...

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