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This satellite can spy on people even through walls. It can be used by...

In films about cool detectives, special services often use technologies that allow you to watch people through space satellites. If in the story the criminal takes people...

China has created a quantum computer that solved the most difficult problem in 200...

Chinese scientists have developed a quantum computer that was able to solve one of the most difficult problems in 200 seconds. Even the most powerful classic computer...

«Critical level of danger»: Microsoft reported a massive attack on browsers

There is a massive campaign on the Internet to distribute malware, which is still in the active stage, reports Microsoft. According to the company, browsers such as...

Apple is credited with developing 32-core processors that will allow Mac to surpass the...

At the same time, more productive integrated GPUs are being developedAccording to the source, Apple plans in 2021 to introduce a series of new processors for Macs,...

The future has already arrived. Sales of an electric car that does not require...

Range on a fully charged battery - up to 1600 kmIn the United States, an event took place that cannot be ignored: Aptera introduced an electric car...

Why peripheral calculations should play a key role on predpriyatiyakh

meditsinsky devices, autonomous cars, industrial robotics - quantity of the systems connected to the Internet grows day by day, and this growth will already hardly slow down....

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