Boy, 6, stung to death by hundreds of hornets while helping gran in the garden

Mon Kakada, six, was helping his grandmother in the garden in Cambodia’s Koh Andet district when they accidentally disturbed a nest of vicious banded hornets

    The banded hornet, or Vespa tropica, delivers painful stings (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

    A six-year-old boy has been stung to death by hundreds of hornets while helping his grandmother in the garden.

    Mon Kakada was being cared for by gran Jen Oeun, 62, while she pruned trees at the back of her house in Poun Village, in Cambodia's Koh Andet district.

    She had begun cutting branches when she accidentally disturbed a banded hornet's nest on the morning of July 21.

    Horrified neighbours heard the boy screaming as the insects swarmed around him, stinging the tiny boy repeatedly.

    They rushed to help the pair, but the boy, named locally as Mon, tragically died only a few minutes later while he was being carried away by his grandmother to hospital local reports said.

    Grieving grandmother Jen Oeun, 62, mourns Mon after his tragic death
    (Image: ViralPress)

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    The elderly woman had also been stung several times while batting away the wasps and was taken to hospital in nearby Kirivong district.

    Police said the grandmother suffered from a loss of vision following the hornet attack and was being kept in the ward.

    The boy's funeral was held at the family's home.

    Pictures showed the young boy's torso was covered in stings.

    Mon's mother, Ah Len, said: ''I feel so sorry for my boy. I cry every time I think about how much he suffered. He did not deserve to die like this. If I was there to protect him he might have survived.''

    Police Colonel Sam Vesna, from Koh Andet district police station, said there were no suspicious circumstances to the death.

    He added: ''We interviewed the grandmother of the boy and she told us what happened.

    ''She said she tried to fight away the wasps but they also stung her. The victim's family accepted the cause of death.''

    Banded hornets are tropical species found in Asia.

    Although the likelihood of getting stung by a hornet is very small, they can deliver potent and potential fatal stings.

    The tropical banded hornet is found in Southern Asia, New Guinea and west Africa.

    Earlier this year a six-year-old girl also died after being stung by hornets.

    Riem Lina was riding her bike to the shops and had parked her bike next to a bush when a swarm emerged and began stinging her.

    The little girl was taken to hospital for treatment in Svay Rieng province, but did not survive.


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