Coronavirus nurse who wore lingerie under PPE gets job offer for drastic career change

A picture of Nadia Zhukova, 23, wearing her risque outfit as she worked on a male coronavirus ward at a hospital in Tula in Russia, went viral after it was taken by a patient

    A Russian nurse who was disciplined for wearing just her lingerie underneath her see-through PPE at work has won a modelling contract.

    A picture of Nadia Zhukova, 23, wearing her risque outfit as she worked on a male coronavirus ward went viral and saw her rapped by her bosses for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing”.

    Nadia had complained she was “too hot” in the hazmat gown at the hospital in Tula – and her punishment was withdrawn after a furious backlash from the public against her chief's disciplinary moves.

    Now she is not only keeping her job but posing as a model for a Russian sports clothes line.

    Pictures show her wearing ZASPORT sport clothes, a brand founded by the daughter of a top FSB security service official.

    Nadia Zhukova has won a modelling contract

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    • Nurse who was 'too hot' wore just lingerie under transparent PPE on coronavirus ward

    Nadia has also announced that she plans to study to become a doctor.

    In her first detailed interview on last month’s lingerie scandal, Nadia confessed she was "still embarrassed to talk about it”.

    She told the brand’s website: “I understand what day this photo was taken, but how this spread so quickly over the Internet is still a mystery to me.

    “I remember that I returned from my shift, and (people were) already sharing with me the link to the story.”

    The picture of Nadia taken by a patient went viral
    (Image: Sergey Butry)

    • Coronavirus nurse who wore see-through gown on men's ward will not lose her job

    The revealing pictures had been taken by one of her male patients.

    “Of course, I recognised myself and immediately closed my social network accounts …. I was not ready for such attention,” said Nadia.

    Going viral around the world was “just awful” but she praised her medical colleagues for their support, and the initial disciplinary move against her was reversed as support flooded in.

    Founder of the clothes brand Anastasia Zadorina, 31, called Nadia “one of the symbols of the coronavirus era.

    Nadia has been described as one of the symbols of the coronavirus era
    (Image: @Zasport)

    “This is a young, beautiful and very brave girl, who makes her big contribution to the fight against Covid.”

    Zadorina, 31, is daughter of FSB colonel-general Mikhail Shekin, and her brand has a track record of promoting clothing adorned with patriotic and anti-Western slogans alluding to Russian missiles such as “Topol is not afraid of sanctions” and “Sanctions? Don’t tell my Iskanders”.

    Nadia said Vladimir Putin’s former bodyguard Alexey Dyumin, 47, now governor of Tula region, strongly backed her.

    She said: "The chief doctor of our hospital (Dr Anna Savishcheva), and even the governor of the Tula region(Alexey Dyumin), also spoke in my defence – thank you very much…

    Nadia said she has been backed by Vladimir Putin’s former bodyguard Alexey Dyumin

    “I continued to go on my shifts, and it is very pleasant that my colleagues and the whole team supported me.

    “They encouraged me: ‘Don’t worry! You're a beautiful one!’

    “Doctors from other cities set up flash mobs to support me.

    “They understood that nobody knows how hot it is to work in a protective suit in summer.

    Nadia has also announced plans to become a doctor
    (Image: @Zasport)

    “It is as if you spend several hours in a sauna. It even becomes hard to breathe and walk.”

    Her ZASPORT photoshoot came ahead of Russia’s Medic Day, which will be marked on Sunday, the professional holiday for doctors and nurses.

    But despite her new fame and role as a model, Nadia is determined study to become a doctor.

    “My goal is to go to medical university,” she said.

    “I will apply this summer….

    “The main thing for me is to become a good doctor and help people.

    "I really want to tell everyone: do not relax (about coronavirus).

    “Wear masks, use disinfectants. And if you feel signs of illness, don’t delay, consult a doctor.”


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