Live Science parent company launches new health and fitness website

Live Science’s parent company Future plc has launched a new website that we think our readers will love. Called, the website is meant to help anyone interested in improving their overall health and fitness, regardless of gender, age or fitness level; the articles will cater to a range of individuals and desires, from people who simply want to lose a few pounds to those who want to train for a marathon. 

The new website will cover health and well-being, fitness, nutrition and mental health with a mix of health-related news, exercise-based how-to guides, reviews of fitness equipment, healthy recipes and inspiring stories of real people on their journey toward a healthier life.

The site is launching amid a pandemic, one that has everyone thinking about their physical and mental health. 

“People’s priorities have naturally changed as a consequence of living through the greatest public health scare in living memory,” Paul Newman, managing director of, said in a statement from Future plc. “Being fit and healthy is no longer an option, particularly for those in high-risk groups, it’s a practical necessity. And that’s why we’ve launched to provide people of all backgrounds with practical and accessible advice for everything from weight loss to eating more healthily,” he added.

Speaking of the pandemic, many of us must now rely on homebound activities for our workouts. With that in mind, as long as a changing landscape in the fitness industry, will also place a particular emphasis on home fitness technology, with buying guides for fitness trackers and reviews of online personal training products.’s content director spoke about how excited he is to launch this new health brand that will help “people to create the right diet plans and exercise programs for their needs, to buy the best products to reach their goals and to use those products to get great results,” Paul Douglas said in the statement.

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