Woman pregnant with twins is fighting for her life after contracting coronavirus

Kaillee Dyke, who is 27 weeks pregnant, caught the deadly virus along with her partner Chris Lassig, and is now on a ventilator in an intensive care unit in Victoria, Australia

    A heavily pregnant mum-to-be expecting twins is fighting for her life after contracting coronavirus despite taking 'every precaution' possible.

    The partner of Kaillee Dyke, who is 27 weeks pregnant, is pleading with people to follow guidelines as she battles Covid-19 on a ventilator in the intensive care unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Victoria, Australia.

    Ms Dyke caught the deadly virus along with her partner Chris Lassig, despite taking every precaution possible.

    Mr Lassig fully recovered within a fortnight but Ms Dyke was rushed to hospital by ambulance last Saturday after she developed breathing problems.

    She was put on oxygen and transferred the intensive care unit where she has been for eight days under sedation.

    Kaillee Dyke is 27 weeks pregnant with twins
    (Image: Facebook)

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    Shortly before she was taken to hospital Mr Lassig shared footage of Ms Dyke struggling to breathe.

    They immediately put her on oxygen and transferred her to the intensive care unit. Ms Dyke has now been in intensive care for eight days, and is sedated.

    Mr Lassig urged people to follow government guidelines in a Facebook post informing people about his partner's battle with the virus.

    He said: "It’s still not clear whether the virus hit her so hard because of the pregnancy, or whether it’s just a bit of bad luck.

    Ms Dyke was struggling to breath before she was rushed to hospital
    (Image: Facebook)

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    "And we still don’t know how we got it – we don’t know anyone else who’s had it, and we both thought we were being cautious.

    "Before she got too sick, I asked Kaillee what advice she’d give and she said 'If the government is going to say to wear masks, then just do it.

    "They’re not overreacting with the measures that they’ve put in place, they’re clearly there for a reason. And … anybody can get it."

    He added Ms Dyke was making 'slow progress' and has started breathing more on her own while the machine acts as a 'back up'.

    Chris Lassig is urging people to stick to the guidelines
    (Image: Facebook)

    "It's now a matter of waiting until her lungs have healed enough to work on their own," he said.

    "The doctors say with COVID-19 it's very hard to predict, but hopefully it'll be soon."

    Mr Lassig also shared an ultrasound picture of the couple's unborn twins.

    In the image, one of the twins appeared to be kicking Ms Dyke.

    The couple's unborn twins are a boy and girl
    (Image: Facebook)

    Mr Lassig said: "We don't know which one is in this picture, but from how lively they were I'm guessing it's the girl and she takes after her mother,."

    "In case you haven't heard we're having both a boy and a girl. Surprise!"

    Because of the virus Ms Dyke is not allowed visitors including Mr Lassig but he praised the staff saying they were doing the best they could to keep he and the couple's family updated via telehealth.

    The couple have no idea how they contracted the virus as they are unaware of anyone they know who has tested positive and were cautiously sticking to Government advice.

    Mr Lassig said: "To me, that shows how difficult it is to protect yourself as an individual, and so it's only by acting together that we can beat it."

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