‘My mum didn’t invite me to her wedding when I was a child – so I cut her out of mine’

The woman explained that her mother originally said she would be a flower girl, but later reneged on that intention and banned her from going to the ceremony.

A woman on Reddit has said that because her mother didn’t invite her to her wedding she has decided not to invite her mother to her wedding.

Writing on the social media platform, the woman said that when she was 13, she found out that her mother was getting married. Furthermore, she added that her mother had told her she would be the flower girl at that wedding.

Fast-forward to a year later and the daughter discovered that she and her brother, 21, had been uninvited because they were “too young”.

The woman exclaimed: “I didn’t know why his [the boyfriend’s] kids were going and my aunt and uncle were going but I didn’t know why I couldn’t go. That made me really sad.

“I broke down, crying, asking her why I couldn’t go. She told me and my disabled brother, 21, could not attend because we were ‘too young, and we needed a babysitter’ [sic].”


    The woman added that she decided to get revenge on her mother a few years later when she too was getting married.

    She said: “I left it at that. They got married and afterwards, I did not talk to her for almost two weeks. Now I am almost 20, I’m getting married and didn’t invite her to my wedding.

    “After she found out, I was getting married and she hadn’t gotten an invite. We got into a big argument, before the wedding and now are not speaking.”

    Following the woman’s post about not inviting her mother, the woman received a wave of support from fellow Reddit users.

    One person wrote: “It’s your wedding you can invite whoever you like. What goes around comes around. I’d continue not talking to her though. [sic]”

    A second added: “She needs to get her priorities straight. The fact that you even speak to her makes you the bigger person.

    “You weren’t good enough for her wedding, then she’s not good enough for yours.”

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