A BIZARRE image captured by NASA’s cameras International Space Station has sparked a frenzy of speculation, after it resembled mysterious soundwaves, as if produced by a spacecraft.

NASA has released photographs of an unexplained soundwaves moving across Earth at high-velocity speeds. High-tech cameras on the International Space Station captured the phenomenon above the Atlantic ocean. The bizarre images have sparked a frenzy of speculation over its origins.

The images show a strange cloud pattern that looks as if it was produced by some unidentified flying object, or even a “secret sonic weapon”.

The mysterious ripples in the clouds extend for miles from space. 

The images were first spotted on the NASA website by Blake and Brett Cousins, who run the conspiracy theorist YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon.

Both of the YouTubers agree that “whatever it is, it is massive”.

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The photos were captured earlier this month, as the ISS was around 226 nautical miles above the Earth.

Blake and Brett Cousins speculated that it could be a “craft zipping through the clouds” or soundwaves from a “secret sonic weapon”.

Blake Cousins told listeners: “What’s amazing to me is that NASA and the ISS were in the exact spot at the right time to capture this, I think this was an experiment.”

The brothers even claim the photos reveal that NASA has been working on “new space technology”.

This prompted the ISS to deliberately take “super hi-res” photos of the event, according to the YouTubers

The video sparked a heated debate about the origins of the bizarre cloud traces.

Theories ranged from UFOs, NASA themselves, weather control experiments and and even a “hyper fast invincible alien speedboat in the sky”.

One person proposed that the US’ government’s Project HAARP – thought to be linked to weather manipulation – could be behind the soundwaves.


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Another remarked: “Its possible the space station is aiming a beam down at the clouds as it circles earth and photographing the results at the same time, that explains how they happened to be at the right spot, they are testing a space based Particle weapon or something to do with weather controll!”

Another said: “It looks like a bow-shock from a craft breaking the sound barrier.”

Someone else commented: “The evidence is clear; sound frequency waves that is clearly being tested while the ISS observes its projectory and affects.”

Others suggested it may have been a high peak mountain interfering with the clouds or “just a plane going through the top of the clouds”.

Sourse: www.express.co.uk


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