Only those with sharp eyesight can solve this brainteaser

Brainteasers and other brain puzzles are a useful way to stimulate the mind and provide it with a variety of exercises.

Brainteasers are a fantastic way to stimulate the mind and give the brain an opportunity for some neurological exercise.

Brainteasers can come in three main forms, observational, mathematical, and analytical. Mathematic brainteasers require the user to solve a tricky maths-based question as quickly as possible.

Analytical brainteasers normally come in the form of a written riddle or puzzle that forces someone to think laterally.

Observational brainteasers, such as the one above by Bright Side feature an image that features within it an anomaly. In this case, there are seven pairs of shoes and your task is to identify which two aren’t actually a pair.

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Did you spot the answer? No worries if not the answer is circled above. The two pink shoes in the top set of six shoes aren’t a pair. The reason for this is because they are both shoes for someone’s left foot.

The key to finding the answer to this brainteaser is to scan each pair of shoes carefully to find clues that lead you to the answer.

Brainteasers such as this one are key to exercising the mind and giving it a test. Brainteasers act like exercise for the mind in the same way that running or cycling exercises the muscles in the arms and legs.

This contributes to neurological health and the healthier the mind is the less likely it could be to develop conditions like dementia or Parkinson’s Disease.

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    This doesn’t mean that brainteasers can stop someone from getting dementia, other factors can have a much bigger influence, but they could help keep the brain fitter for longer at a time when dementia cases are predicted to rise.

    According to recent research by University College London, the number of dementia patients in the UK could be as high as 1.7million by 2040.

    Lead author of the study Dr Yuntao Chen said: “It is shocking to think that the number of people living with dementia by 2040 may be up to 70% higher than if dementia incidence had continued to decline.

    “Not only will this have a devastating effect on the lives of those involved but it will also put a considerably larger burden on health and social care than current forecasts predict.”

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