Sex dolls in SPACE: SpaceX founder Elon Musk offered bizarre deal for Mars 2024 mission

SEX dolls could soon be launched into space if SpaceX founder Elon Musk accepts a bizarre offer to integrate sex dolls into his Mars colonisation efforts.

An aerospace engineer turned sex doll retailer has offered to provide SpaceX astronauts with sex dolls on their journey to Mars. The US and Europe-based company Sex Doll Genie says a trip to the Red Planet will be lonely work and the firm’s robotic companions could keep Earth’s first Mars colonists company – rather than just sex. Amit Stevenson, who co-founded the business with his wife Janet, has extended his offer to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.


    He said: “The purpose of wanting to send companion dolls to space is not sex – most of our customers use love dolls to feel accompanied in lonely situations.

    “What’s lonelier than being in space or on Mars?

    “As an aerospace engineer I fully understand space travel – it is something I am passionate about and have dedicated a huge chunk of my life too.

    “This isn’t about cheapening the profession of astronauts or space exploration in general.”


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    A one way trip to Mars takes anywhere between six to eight months, which is comparable to some of the missions astronauts undertake aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

    But a spacecraft can reach the ISS within a matter of hours and the orbital lab is always within reach of our home planet.

    Spacecraft can only be launched towards Mars when a so-called orbital transfer window opens between Earth and Mars.

    As a result, the frequency of future missions to Mars is very limited by the sheer distances involved.

    The distances also mean scientists have expressed concerns about the mental wellbeing of astronauts who undertake the future voyage.

    In 2018, Dr Nick Kanas of the University of California, San Francisco, said: “Mars is a long way away and the extreme distance has psychological ramifications.”

    Mr Musk has his eyes firmly set on Mars, believing the future of mankind relies on settling alien worlds.

    Towards this goal, his company is developing the Starship spacecraft, which will ferry humans to the Moon, Mars and possibly beyond.

    The South African billionaire believes SpaceX’s first cargo missions will reach Mars by the year 2022, followed by a crewed mission in 2024.

    Mr Stevenson believes some of the anxiety and psychological stress of these missions can be alleviated with the aid of sex dolls.

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    He said: “Sex doll technology is surprisingly sophisticated and our production team can custom make asexual dolls just for the purpose of ‘human presence’ to offer a sense of companionship and avoid loneliness.

    “We’re happy to work with authorities to make it suitable and really useful for the ones who need it.

    “Our ultimate goal is to explore how new approaches, based on a very effective solution we have found for lonely people on Earth, could be applied to space travel.”

    Sex Doll Genie has further argued robots can replace genuine human interaction in an environment where human contact is very limited.

    The company aims to see a mix of male, female and transgender sex dolls in space.

    According to the US space agency NASA, there are a number of issues that affect astronauts on long voyages in space, including anxiety and loneliness.

    NASA said: “Expedition crews selected for a stay aboard the space station are carefully chosen, trained, and supported to make sure they can work effectively as a team for six months.

    “Crews for a Mars mission will undergo even more scrutiny and preparation since they will travel farther and longer than any previous human, being more isolated and confined than we can imagine.

    “The types of problems you may encounter are a decline in mood, cognition, morale, or interpersonal interaction.”


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