UFO sighting: ‘Ancient alien temple’ found in NASA Mars rover photos, claims UFO hunter

UFO hunters are convinced an alien structure has been discovered in an archive NASA Curiosity Mars rover photo.

Alien life conspiracy theorists have for decades poured-over photographs of Mars, searching for evidence of intelligence extraterrestrials – despite all indications suggesting none exist. However, UFO hunter Scott Waring is among those who remain undeterred.


    His latest bizarre claim arrives in the form of an archive panorama taken by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover.

    That shows intelligent design. That is undeniably alien made

    Scott Waring

    The NASA-verified, gigapan photo was shot by the space agency’s probe on sol 595, or the 595th Martian day of its mission.

    Mr Waring took to his blog ET Data Base to speculate about an oddly-shaped anomaly sitting close to a peak on a desolate Martian hill.

    He said: “I was looking over some NASA Mars photos and came across something on a hilltop. A structure.


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    “Its upper walls were made with horizontal layers, but its doorway was made of vertical layers.

    “That shows intelligent design. That is undeniably alien made.”

    Mr Waring then used photographic software to estimate the size of his find.

    He said: “The structure is about 2m by 2m (7ft by 7ft).

    “So the species that made it had to be small enough to go through the doorway, which is about 07.m by 0.7m square.

    “As you look at this structure, I want you to know two things: there are lines going vertical and horizontal.

    “Now, that should be absolutely impossible. Lines should only go in one direction the rock is forming.

    “But here you can see both lines going across and other lines going down.

    “This should not be possible but you can see it happening right here – that is just unbelievable.”

    Mr Waring added, without offering any evidence, his belief the “structure” was deliberately designed to have a view.

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    He said: “It looks like, because of its placement on this hilltop, with a view of the distant mountains, I believe this is a temple or possibly a military look-out post.”

    And he also suggests the so-called structure may be linked to “small figures” he has previously claimed to have found nearby.

    However, closer inspection reveals the object in question is clearly a rock or a crater.

    The latest bizarre claim made by Mr Waring quickly attracted scores of comments to the etdatabase YouTube channel.

    Redneck Anomalies appeared to be convinced by the claim, asking: “Who has ever seen sand blow into perfectly straight lines and 90 degree corners?”

    And fellow viewer Arch Angel agreed, commenting: “Good find, looks like the top of a building area, maybe windows were built around the top for viewing out of.”

    What is more likely, however, is the alien discoveries are simply a matter of pareidolia.

    Pareidolia, which is a form of apophenia, is an effect which causes people to see recognisable shapes and patterns where they do not exist.

    NASA said: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

    “There are many examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space.”

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