Arizona man stacks 485 Jenga blocks atop a single piece

Tai Star Valianti demonstrated how he achieved the feat

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An Arizona man described by Guinness World Records as a “Master Jenga stacker” has managed to pile a whopping 485 blocks on top of just one of the game’s pieces, breaking his own record set last year.

The impressive structure, which is shaped like an inverted pyramid, was built in two hours by Pima resident Tai Star Valianti.

"The tower stood for almost nine minutes before I got my son to come in and knock it down,” Valianti said in a YouTube video demonstrating its construction from start to finish.

Guinness World Records says Valianti built a similar tower last year with 353 blocks to claim the record for most Jenga blocks stacked on one vertical Jenga piece.

“The most incredible part of the tower is that as Tai builds, he expands it outwards from the single Jenga block giving it a physics-defying appearance,” it said in a statement. “Surprisingly, the center remains hollow where the first standing Jenga block is placed.”

Jenga’s creators say the record for the highest tower ever built is 41 stories, set by American Robert Grebler in 1985.


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