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This Super-Sharp Image Could Help Explain Our Galaxy’s Mysterious Creamy Center

A composite image shows infrared light from swirls of gas and dust at the center of the Milky Way. (Full size image below.) A gorgeous, incredibly detailed new image of the Milky Way's center could...

Gravitational lenses allow you to measure the expansion of the Universe.

One of the key questions of cosmology is the determination of the exact speed of expansion of the universe. Two modern methods for determining this rate give...

Something strange is going on with the North Star

A long-exposure image shows stars appearing to whirl around Polaris, the north star, which appears fixed in the sky. Something's up with the North Star.People have watched the North Star for centuries. The bright star,...

Rainbow meteorite discovered in Costa Rica may hold building blocks of life

A cross section of a small Aguas Zarcas fragment shows colorful clays that might include complex organic compounds. A small, soft space rock smacked into Costa Rica on April 23, 2019. And it may have...

Super space sunblock made from skin pigment could shield astronauts from radiation

For astronauts preparing to spend a long summer vacation on Mars, hats and umbrellas might not be enough to protect them from the sun’s harsh rays.And just like beachgoers slathering on sunscreen, explorers on...

Christmas star: the rarest close connection in the sky of Saturn and Jupiter

The most unsaturated year for amateur astronomers will end with a real celestial miracle - the Christmas star will light up in the sky!

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