Drivers in Canada are warned about lysun moose.

A photo of a Canadian road shield with an appeal appeared on the network: Do not allow moose to lick your cars.

In Canada, electronic shields have appeared along the roads with an appeal not to allow moose to lick cars. A photo of such a bigboard was published by Twitter user Carolyn Campbell.

She posted a series of pictures with the caption: “Hi, moose. We have strict instructions regarding your snack habits. “
Oh hi, moose. We have strict instructions about your snack habits. #jasper #Alberta ??

— Carolyn Campbell (@_CLCampbell) November 15, 2020

Note that local moose have a habit of approaching cars and licking them. Animals are attracted to technical salt, which is sprinkled with roads.

Car owners often shoot this on video.

Recall that the authorities of the country offer to sting on a buzz to frighten the animal, but it is not recommended to push the moose and get out of the car.
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