Meadow Recognition App Helps You Understand What Your Cat Wants.

Meadow Recognition App Helps You Understand What Your Cat Wants.
Meadow Recognition App Helps You Understand What Your Cat Wants.

Engineer Javier Sanchez, who participated in the development of the voice assistant Alex Amazon, created an application for smartphones that “translates” cat meownery into human language.
The program MeowTalk listens to the sounds made by animals and tries to recognize their meaning.

The owner of the cat, already well aware of her behavior and desires, can also participate in the creation of a database of meaukanya, which will be collected by artificial intelligence.
“This will allow owners to communicate with their cats or at least understand their desires, but the most important thing is to find a common language with them,” he added.
Mixed reviews
The program was released not so long ago, so not all user reviews are positive. Some complain of errors.

“It’s already starting to work on the nerves. I just downloaded the application and did not even have time to use it, as a message began to appear that Wi-Fi was not connected, “one of the users wrote.
“In 90% of cases, I received the translation” I am in love, “” another user wrote.
I am very pleased to think that my cats love me so much, but once there was a case when they snapped and hissed, and even then the application was sure that they showed love, “he added.
“If you don’t take it too seriously, it’s a funny app. Who knows, maybe over time it will actually learn to recognize my cat’s meadow in any situation. There is hope for this, “the user wrote.

“This is an interesting concept. I liked her because my cat says something all the time, “another comment says.

“Entertainment Only”

“In most cases, cats are really trying to communicate with people, and most owners will be able to answer them,” said Juliette Jones, a cat behavior specialist at The Animals Charity.

She noted that, trying to understand his animal through the program, the owner can misinterpret the meow of his pet.
“Inaccuracies may occur, because of which the owner will not understand what the cat really wants to convey to him. This can harm the cat, the owner and their relationship – for example, if the cat murmurs, this does not necessarily mean that she is happy and calm. A murmur cat can attract attention or report discomfort. In its current form, the application should be used only for entertainment purposes, “she said.

“We will probably never be able to turn cat meow into human words,” said Anita Kelsey, a cat behavior specialist. “We can only have a little fun thinking about what we can understand from our human point of view. The app seems funny, and there’s nothing wrong with having fun with your cat. “

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