Newborn baby buried alive in mud survives after miraculous rescue by villagers

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. The boy was only spotted after his tiny leg was seen poking out of the soil by some housebuilders who heard his faint cries

    A newborn baby buried alive in mud was miraculously rescued by villagers and has luckily survived.

    The boy was only identified by his tiny leg poking out after people building a house nearby heard faint cries and began looking.

    He was found trapped in the Sonoura village in northern India's Uttar Pradesh on Monday, May 25.

    The villagers quickly dug out the mud and carefully pulled out a newborn child from the soil, and he was rushed to hospital.

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    The baby was helped from the dirt
    (Image: Newslions / SWNS.COM)

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    Doctors said he swallowed mud that blocked his respiratory tract but the baby is said to now be stable.

    It is not yet known why the baby was buried, and if he had been dumped and buried alive intentionally.

    He is said to be stable in hospital and has been adopted by a villager
    (Image: Newslions / SWNS.COM)

    A villager named Laxmi has stepped forward to adopt the baby who is currently under the supervision of the doctors.

    A police case has been filed against an unidentified person in the district and an investigation is undergoing.


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