This is a transmission electron microscope image showing the new coronavirus emerging from the surface of human cells.

The Live Science community welcomes its latest addition: the Coronavirus and Epidemiology subforum. 

Here at Live Science, we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of our community forums. With the conversations around the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 growing daily, we wanted to make sure that forum members have a home to discuss breaking news regarding the virus, where they can easily find expert opinions and mature debates, and take part in informed discussions based on scientific facts and reports. 

This new hub will serve as the epicenter for opinion polls, debates, and questions concerning COVID-19, fueled by the latest discoveries within the global scientific community. We’ll feature the latest Live Science articles and the most recent updates on the pandemic, and if you’re looking for answers, you can direct questions toward staff writer Nicoletta Lanese in special threads, which she will answer during weekly Facebook livestreams. Some of the conversations happening right now include how the COVID-19 tests work, and how you can make the best choices for staying prepared. 

We’ll also have special guests and experts visiting the forums in the future. 

Got a question or want to share an opinion? Head on over to the new subforum, and join the conversation. 

Originally published on Live Science.



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