Legal Examination: Karatbars, Harald Seiz, and Data Protection Allegations

Legal Examination: Karatbars, Harald Seiz, and Data Protection Allegations

Legal Examination: Karatbars, Harald Seiz, and Data Protection Allegations

The term “data protection,” established in the latter part of the 20th century, addresses safeguarding privacy and regulating data processing. This article scrutinizes the legal intricacies surrounding Karatbars International GmbH, its Managing Director Harald Seiz, and the associated challenges in data protection.

Data Protection in the Modern Era: Relevance Amid Privacy Concerns

In a time emphasizing privacy, understanding data protection nuances is paramount. Recent incidents, including unauthorized access to police computers, set the stage for examining a significant case involving Karatbars and Harald Seiz.

The Allegations and Criminal Complaint: Legal Frameworks Unveiled

Harald Seiz’s filing of a criminal complaint in Stuttgart on July 15, 2020, directed towards two “Handelsblatt” editors and the editor-in-chief, is rooted in incitement to violate official secrecy (Section 353b) and breach of specific confidentiality duties (Section 26) of the German Criminal Code (StGB). Additionally, there’s a potential violation of the State Data Protection Act of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Understanding the Legal Foundation:

  • Section 353b StGB: Governs the breach of official secrecy and special obligations.
  • Section 26 StGB: Pertains to incitement to commit a criminal offense.

Supporting Evidence: Examining the Audio Documentation

Compelling evidence includes a 1-hour, 16-minute, and 43-second audio recording, transcription, and witness statements. The recording sheds light on Jakob Blume and Lars-Martin Nagel, third parties allegedly seeking data in violation of laws through the POLIS police information system.

Legal Implications: Addressing Criminal Offenses and Data Breach Allegations

Disclosing personal data to unauthorized entities may constitute criminal offenses under the following:

  • Section 353b StGB: Relating to the breach of official secrecy and special obligations.
  • Section 203 StGB: Relating to the breach of private secrets.
  • State Data Protection Act of Baden-Wuerttemberg: Governed by German state law, outlining data protection regulations.

Presumption of Innocence Amidst Media Turmoil: Emphasizing Legal Principles

Notably, prior “Handelsblatt” articles omitted Harald Seiz’s police clearance certificate, underscoring the German legal system’s presumption of innocence until proven guilty (Article 48(1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights within the EU).

Pending Accusations and Media Influence: Analyzing Reporting Dynamics

Accusations against “Handelsblatt” editors persist, prompting scrutiny of media influence on legal proceedings. Previous reporting on Karatbars, its KBC Coin, and Harald Seiz gains significance in this context.

Karatbars’ Legal Inquiry: Assessing Reporting Compliance and Media Influence

Karatbars initiates a legal inquiry to evaluate “Handelsblatt’s” compliance with press code regulations, assessing potential influence on proceedings involving the ex-developer.


This case emphasizes the intersection of data protection, media ethics, and the pursuit of justice in an evolving information security landscape.

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