33hz frequency – called Great Pyramid Energy – gives you an ORGASM!

GURUS say low frequency sounds at 33hz resonate with the Earth’s harmonic signature and call it the Christ Frequency. But a British artist has discovered it can also trigger sonic orgasms in women!

The 33Hz sound has long held significance in the meditation community and is also known as the Frequency of the Great Pyramid, as the main chamber of the pyramid in Cairo is believed by many to hum with the same low frequency.

Accordingly many people use a 33Hz soundtrack to meditate to, believing it helps achieve a deeper level of peace and spirituality.

A spokesman for meditation specialists the Advanced Mind Institute said: “This frequency is called ‘the frequency of the Great Pyramid’ or ‘the Christ frequency’.

“The 33Hz frequency is in perfect sync with sacred geometry, allowing users to improve empathy, and develop their own spiritual practices and identity – 33Hz attunement is used to get in touch with higher spiritual planes.”

But artist Mark Wagner has discovered the same frequency has the uncanny knack of triggering orgasms in women and has built an ‘art installation’ called Sonic Orgasm which invites ladies to take a seat in a specially-constructed chair fitted with loudspeakers.

Mr Wagner even hires out the chair, for the artistic satisfaction of female connoisseurs.

He said: “The 33Hz is reported to be the frequency most likely to trigger an orgasm.

“It was ‘discovered’ in 1992 when a car dealer in Daytona beach, Florida organised an experiment to find the most ‘stimulating’ frequency using a tone generator and an in-car sub woofer. The ideal clitoral resonant frequency averaged at 33Hz, and can be adapted for the male genitals.

“The number 33 is also a number of esoteric significance, present in many mythologies and numerology.

“For me, It is related to energetic nodal points pertaining to the Kundalini and crystallised by our 33 vertebras. This is sometimes called “Sexual Alchemy.

“The 33Hz Sonic Orgasm can be commissioned as an interactive installation. I ‘play’ the chair –a saddle mounted with transducers using a blend of frequencies, sine-waves, feedback, sweeps, harmonics and dissonance.”

A Facebook group called Tachyon Healing explained why the 33Hz frequency was often called the Christ Consciousnes frequency. A statement read: “The 33 Hz Christ Consciousness brainwave entrainment tone is an effective frequency to increase peace, serenity, compassion, healing, caring and all that “Christ” embodied.

“33 Hz is the frequency that researchers and scientists have discovered inside the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The 33 Hz Christ Consciousness features different variations of the frequency and is best used while sleeping or meditating.”

Sourse: www.express.co.uk

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