Bible bombshell: ‘Jesus’ appears inside tree – ‘Aliens sending ecological SOS’

JESUS’ image has appeared inside a tree chopped-down in Brazil, causing a prominent UFO hunter to claim the Son of God is sending ‘a message to those destroying the rainforest’.

A remarkable image resembling Jesus has been revealed in the interior of tree, triggering controversial claims the Son of God is sending an ecological SOS to those cutting-down the Brazilian rainforest. Local media reported how the ‘divine manifestation’ occurred when a Brazilian man was pruning trees in Itaquirai in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul.


    Odimar Souza was reportedly paving a new path on Monte Castelo Avenue.

    We cut this same trunk into two pieces after changing the chain and that was when this piece of perfection appeared

    Eyewitness Odimar Souza

    Mr Souza, director of roadworks, said some workers saw a figure in the trunk during work.

    They initially believed the shape to be of a butterfly.

    However, before he could finish his work, the chain of the chainsaw broke.


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    Mr Souza told local media: “We cut this same trunk into two pieces after changing the chain and that was when this piece of perfection appeared.”

    He took some pictures of the cut branch with the intriguing figure inside of it and shared on social media, which subsequently went viral.

    Some on social media believed the pattern on the branch really depicted Jesus watching over us during these troubled times, others thought it was just an abstract image.

    Alien life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring took to his blog to share his bizarre belief the incident sends ‘a message to those destroying the rainforest’.

    He said: “Jesus healed the sick with a touch, calmed the attackers by mercy standing in front of them, created miracles and rose from the dead.

    “He was an alien that sent to Earth to give humanity some ethics and morels to follow.

    “The dark hair, long flowing robe and outstretched arms all look like his.

    “To top it off, the rings of the tree that measure the years old it is.

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    “They are perfectly placed around his head like a halo.

    “This looks like aliens were trying to send a message to the tree cutters – a message they are destroying the rainforest.

    “And that destroying the trees is the same as destroying Jesus.

    “This is a powerful message, but are humans ready for it?”

    Another mysterious image of ‘Jesus’ appeared on a tree trunk in April, prompting locals to gather despite lockdown.

    The incident happened in Jose Antonio Galan neighbourhood in Columbia.

    A video shared on YouTube showed hundreds of locals gathering near the tree to witness the mysterious sight.

    While some were seen taking pictures on their phones, others carried candles with the hope of turning the tree into a pilgrimage site.


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