Birdwatcher stunned as they spot creepy animal in bird box

A birdwatcher was left horrified after spotting a creepy animal in their bird box – and people were left terrified by the rare discovery

A bird enthusiast was left gobsmacked after stumbling upon a chilling surprise in their bird box.

Posting to Reddit, user Valixianan from the US shared an image of the unexpected intruder to the Mildlyinfuriating subreddit. The photo showed the body of a large snake coiled around the birdhouse’s frame.

“Was going to enjoy some birdwatching,” they wrote alongside the picture. Fellow Redditors were quick to respond, with one writing: “What did you do with the snake?”

The original poster replied: “I let my grandfather know and left for work. I caught a possum this morning too so I had to relocate that and haul a** to work.”

Another joked: “The birds are divorcing. Their lawyer does house calls.”

Was going to enjoy some birdwatching
byu/Valixianan inmildlyinfuriating

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A third added: “I’d say that’s more interesting,” prompting the original poster to respond: “But… the birds,” followed by a sad face.

One user added: “Looks like someone else beat you to the bird watching today.” Meanwhile, another offered a rather unconventional suggestion for dealing with the reptilian intruder.

“Dude, that thing could feed you for a week (maybe 2),” they suggested. “This is not infuriating, it’s terrifying,” another chimed in.


    This snake isn’t the only unusual animal encounter reported recently. A never-before-seen creature was spotted scaling rock faces in Thailand earlier this month. The discovery was named the Cave Kukri Snake by those that found it.

    The animal’s large teeth are thought to be an adaptation to the “harsh environment” it faces deep within the cave system. This remarkable discovery was made when explorers ascended five storeys to collect samples.

    The ‘Cave Kukri Snake’, or Oligodon speleoserpens, possesses specially adapted strongly-ridged scales on its belly that enable it to “climb vertical rock faces”, researchers have revealed.

    Harry Ward-Smith, an explorer, detailed the extreme measures he took to locate a specimen of this peculiar creature. Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “This was incredibly risky, but I had no option but to ‘free solo’ (a climbing term for not using ropes). I understood the significance of this snake and was determined not to let it elude us under any circumstance.”

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