Bizarre footage shows UFOs hovering above Philadelphia before ‘merging into one’

The footage was captured by onlookers, who shared it on Reddit, spooking thousands of viewers.

A group of UFOs were spotted flying above Philadelphia, with two even merging together in a strange twist, according to onlookers. The video was shared on Reddit by a witness who described the lights as ‘spinning and darting back and forth.’

The user said the multicoloured lights were flying ‘very high’ above Philadelphia. The footage was shaky because their wife couldn’t stop the car, making the objects unclear.

Another Reddit user joked: ‘next time you see UFO’s in the sky, please, politely, tell your wife to STOP THE F***ING CAR!’ Despite the shaky footage, the strange lights were clearly seen floating in the bright blue sky.

Large cluster of lights above Philadelphia
byu/dnyolwaank inUFOs

This sighting in Pennsylvania comes amid a wave of UFO sightings across the country. It also happens during a series of congress hearings about what the government knows about aliens.

On New Year’s Day, conspiracy theorists claimed there was an alien at a mall in Miami. Eerie footage showed what looked like an alien-type creature floating around near police cars. Conspiracy theorists on social media claimed it was a 10-foot-tall silhouette from another planet.

One person spotted a ‘glowing figure’ walking through smoke during a chaotic scene. Recently, shocking footage of a ‘jellyfish’ UFO, invisible to the naked eye, was released. This video was allegedly hidden by secret services.

The leaked video from the US military shows a strange flying object. The footage was shared by expert Jeremy Corbell.

The video shows the mysterious object from two different angles as it flies over land and water near a military base.

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    The UFO can only be seen on a thermal camera. It changes from black to white, showing it’s getting hotter and colder.

    Corbell said that in 2018, soldiers were told to ‘hunt it down’. There are also reports of UFO sightings from around the world. In Brazil, hikers filmed two creatures they think are aliens.

    Sara Dalete from Brasilia saw the strange figures while she was with her family on Ilha do Mel. A video of the tall, thin figures has been shared lots of times on X (which used to be Twitter) and Instagram.

    Dalete said the figures were standing on a hilltop that ‘wasn’t possible to reach’. They were moving their arms quickly but stayed standing on the hilltop for the whole video.

    This is the first time anyone thinks they’ve seen aliens on Ilha do Mel in Brazil.

    In 2020, The New York Times revealed that the Pentagon in America still has a team studying UFOs and how they interact with military pilots.

    In July 2023, a House Oversight subcommittee held a hearing on UFOs following a groundbreaking revelation. Three former military officials told Congress that the government knows more about UFOs than they tell the public.

    During the hearing, a former intelligence officer suggested that people have been killed by the US government to keep UFOs a secret. David Grusch, a former high-ranking intelligence official, was one of three military whistleblowers who testified. They claimed to have firsthand encounters or knowledge about secret government programs involving ‘non-human’ technology.

    Grusch claimed that the US has had UFOs since ‘the 1930s’. He said the US has been secretly back-engineering them and running a public disinformation campaign to stop the details from leaking.

    Representative Tim Burchett (R-Tenn) asked Grusch during the hearing: ‘Personally, have you heard anyone [has] been murdered?’ Grusch replied: ‘I have to be careful answering that question. I directed people with that knowledge to the appropriate authorities.’

    This week, members of the House Oversight Committee are set to undergo a classified briefing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs.

    A secret meeting, full of mystery, shows a growing interest among lawmakers from all sides who want more government openness about extraterrestrial matters. The briefing, set for Tuesday morning in the Office of House Security, will be led by Thomas A. Monheim from the Office of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community.

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