Can YOU spot the referee’s whistle in under 30 seconds?

Only eagle-eyed watchers can spot which player is holding the referee’s whistle in the image below.

The UEFA European Football Championship 2024 is due to start on Friday, June 14 with Germany hosting the tournament over the coming weeks.

The hosts will face fellow Group A team Scotland for the first match of the competition at 8 pm BST.

To mark the start of the tournament, Betway’s sports team created a special brainteaser to test footie fans on the sharpness of their sight.

One of the players in the image above is holding a referee’s whistle – but how long does it take you to find it?

If you give up, the answer can be found below.

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    The German national team will play Scotland at Munich’s Allianz Arena in the opener of the month-long tournament.

    The final is in Berlin on July 14 and Germany is even keener to get there after three straight fiascos at major tournaments that have forced its fans to readjust their expectations of the men’s national team.

    A good first match and group stage would set off a new wave of excitement in Germany, even though scenes similar to when it brilliantly hosted the 2006 World Cup are hard to imagine in a changed political landscape.

    While the Scots are out in droves proudly wearing their team jerseys, there is hardly a sighting of a German shirt or flag.

    Political extremists are flourishing, anxiety pervades the country, and the national team has underperformed. It is understandable the home fans are going about their daily life in contrast to the partying visitors.

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