‘Entitled’ man blasts neighbour for putting password on WiFi in shocking confession

The bizarre interaction between the two was shared by a user on Reddit and has the social media users fuming.

A man blasted his neighbour for putting a password on the Wifi that he has been using for two years without any permission. The shocking revelation by the elderly man left the neighbour perplexed after he kept asking his neighbour to “share his password”.

The bizarre interaction between the two was shared by a user on Reddit and has the social media users fuming. The video begins with a man knocking on the door of his neighbour and saying that he “got problems with the Wi-Fi!”

Confused by his sudden arrival at the door, the neighbour asks the man what is the purpose of coming here.

The man replies: “Well, it is your Wi-Fi. Is it?” to which the neighbour says: “Okay but I don’t have a problem with my Wi-Fi.”

The man continued: “Well I have got a problem with your wi-fi. You have put a password on it. I have been here two years. I have happily used the wi-fi and now I see that you have put a password on it and I can’t use it. I think you are being unreasonable.

Entitled Boomer tells neighbour to disable WiFi password
byu/PorkyPain inBoomersBeingFools

“It’s very simple. You have wifi, right? I have been happily using your wifi for a couple of years and all of a sudden you put a password to it. I have got no access. I’ll tell you what you let me have your password. That’s the end of the problem.”

The confession by the man left the neighbour running out of words. The neighbour said: “Yeah but hold a minute. You have been using my wifi? Now you can’t because I have a password on it. The thing is that I am paying for the wifi. I have put a password to it because my wifi has been really slow and my broadband suggested me to put a password on it.”

However, the man continued to try and convince his neighbour to share the wifi password by calling it “neighbourly behaviour”.

The man said: “I don’t know how much of your wifi it is, but I mean you know it’s a signal. The signal doesn’t remain within your four walls, so what comes out here is on public property, right?

“So there are two things we can do. One is and I think the easiest thing is let me have your password or you can always remove your password. I mean it’s pretty easy. I think that’s very unreasonable. Well if you want to use your wifi, you can sit in the garden and use it. You can tell me when you have work so that it doesn’t impact the speed of the network.

The interaction between the neighbours has left the online community fuming.

One person wrote: “It’s probably real. We had a very similar situation. We changed the password and within 10 minutes our neighbor was knocking on the door complaining. Not a joke.”

Another said: “I moved into a new apartment building about a year ago and I had the person below me come up knock on my door and offered me a cake to permanently use my wifi, apparently the people that used to live in my apartment let them use their wifi..

“The cake looked good but I laughed and said sorry no thank you. lol.”

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