‘I gave my kids unique names no one else will have – other people hate them’

One TikTok influencer revealed the unique names for her children and it caused quite the stir.

A social media influencer has caused a stir after she revealed the unique names of her children. TikTok user naraazizasmith recently shared a video where she spoke about some of the baby names she like and revealed her children’s names leaving the users divided.

She posted: “These are the baby names that are on my list that I won’t be using. For reference, our kids have pretty unique names. My daughter’s name is Rumblehoney Smith and my son’s name is Slimeasy Smith. So these might be a little out there, but let’s get started.

For girl’s name, I really love the name Odi, Pepper, Dawn. They are really cute to me. I really like Cherry as a middle name. My husband really like that name. I also like bubble as a second name, that might be controversial.  

“And I love the name Pear as a first name. Then for boys, I love the names Frosty, Sunny, Silver, Zen. Those are a few but we won’t be using them for this baby.”

 The video which has almost 7.5 million views has left the online community perplexed. Many people were left amazed by the choice of her children’s names.

@naraazizasmith comment your favorite names! #babynames #babynameideas #babygirl #babyboy #pregnancy ♬ original sound – Nara Smith

One user said: “Slimeasy and rumblehoney. WHAT??” Another one commented: “Slimeasy sounds like someone talking about Ozempic.”

A third user said: “I think the people forget their children will be adults. Imagine someone telling your name is slimeasy at job interviews.” A fourth user said: “He didn’t like Cherry for a middle name but cool with slimeasy?”

However, there was another section of people who came up with funny names. One said: “What about chocolate chip cookie?”

Another user said: “What about Eggyolk Cherry?” A third user said: “How about Curly Fry?”

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