Furious neighbour row erupts over parking spot – despite living on public road

A mum was left extremely frustrated with her neighbours, triggering a ‘parking war’.

A woman and her partner were involved in a petty “parking war” with her neighbours after they kept parking mere inches away from their car for months on end.

Ellie, aged 27, claimed that the persistent conflict with her neighbours has lasted over 18 months.

In a social media video that has garnered 1.8 million views, the owner of a small business shared that her partner had become extremely frustrated with fellow residents on their street.

According to them, the neighbours insisted on claiming a section of the public road as ‘theirs’ and would strategically position their vehicles to prevent other residents from parking there.

The mother said: “My other half is having wars with my neighbours and I don’t know whether to say it’s petty or to say fair enough.

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@elliem96x Is it petty rising to it or is it game on – im staying out of it then I come home to this ????????????‍♀️?????? #fy #fyp #badneighbours #parkingwars ♬ original sound – Ellie ⭐️

“They like to park right up against our car. They also like to move their cars so no one else can get in because they believe it is their spot even though it is a public road.”

In a subsequent update, Ellie showed the white Audi parked closely behind their Ford, leaving nearly no space between the two vehicles.

She said once her neighbours used one of their cars to block two parking spots while they used another vehicle to pick up fish and chips.

This move was the final straw, causing her partner to plan revenge. He reversed their vehicle closely to the neighbour’s Audi, preventing it from moving forward, thus forcing the neighbour’s second vehicle to find parking elsewhere.

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Adding how her neighbour inched even closer to them, she explained: “She took four attempts to get it close enough that she wasn’t touching us.”

But instead of parking more than five metres away from their home, her neighbours decided to mount the curb with their second vehicle.

“A little update for you all he rather ramp the curb than just walk five metres to ten metres down the road and to his house than park properly,” she said whilst showing empty parking spaces on the street.

Ellie said: “Basically this has been going on for 18 months now and he has just had enough.

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    “We thought we won because he [one neighbour] moved his car across the road but she hasn’t reversed her [another neighbour’s] car yet. The whole point of this is, it’s not their road it’s not their spot.

    “To go out of your way to all get ready to go in one car to pull one car back is just such far when you see how far it is. It’s only five metres across the road. We’ve tried to resolve things. We have messaged them a few times but they just don’t like us.”

    Many social media users are divided over the parking war with many echoing their support for Ellie whilst others stuck up for her neighbours.

    One said: “My neighbour does this. Every single night she parks so far over that she’s basically touching my car! Honestly, I am sick of it.”

    A second user said: “Some neighbours can literally turn your life into a whole nightmare.” A third one wrote: “First come first serve, if they want a spot buy a house with a drive.”

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