Google Earth snap taken at remote island horrifies viewers

Google Maps is a useful tool to tell you directions for wherever you’re going – but it’s also a place to make bizarre sightings like ‘Godzilla in the ocean’

Google Maps has many functions – from giving users directions to getting a street view of an area so you know what to look for when you get there

Others use it for a bit of fun, trying to find the most bizarre and unexpected scenes caught on camera by Google’s van. The vehicle has captured much of the world at street level, with many bizarre discoveries going viral online.

However, one recent find, which is now circulating on Reddit, has left viewers flabbergasted as it appears to show a blockbuster-style monster lurking in the ocean off the coast of Taiwan.

In one post, which has been shared on the subreddit r/GoogleEarthFinds, a user that goes by u/BrainSensations wrote: “Why is Godzilla on Google Earth? Saw a video, sure enough, it’s there. How? Why? Is it real? Like wtf?”

Godzilla is a fictional giant sea monster from Japanese cinema, iconic for its rampages, atomic breath, and as an allegory for the consequences of nuclear weapons and human folly.

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The photos showed a child pointing to the water from a boat. Then when the view was turned in the direction of their finger, there was a huge dinosaur-type creature lurking in the water, which drew the comparison.

Another user also shared the screenshots, writing: “I recently found something on TikTok showing a video of Google Maps and it showed a Godzilla next to a boat.

“I thought it was BS but when I looked it up on Google because the coordinates was on the description it was actually true but it’s looks massively edited.

“Can anyone explain this? 24°50’09″N 121°57’49″E Milky Sea, Yilan County, Taiwan.”

Why is godzilla on Google earth?
byu/BrainSensations inGoogleEarthFinds Trending

    The posts left many viewers divided over whether it was real or not. One believer wrote: “Yes it is real,” while another joked: ” It swim to a different place now and surfaced attacking human now.”

    Meanwhile, someone else penned: “Where else would he be?”

    However, some users had much more reasonable explanations. A viewer wrote: “This is just a self-published (and edited) 360 photo uploaded at a location. Plenty out there.”

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    Another agreed: “While someone else said it was placed there as a tourist attraction. But I cant find that information anywhere. now why would this be allowed on Google Earth?

    “I have a feeling they do this so we would blow off things we do find that are real, because of all this CGI stuff. Google Earth is not an app for CGI. it’s insane what they did to it. Time to switch to another search engine .”

    Creating fake Google Maps views often involves manipulating GPS coordinates using software that simulates location movement, or by using image editing tools to alter screenshots of actual Maps views. These fabricated visual elements can be designed to deceive, showcasing misleading business locations, routes, or geographic features that don’t exist. Very sneaky!

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