Gran, 63, expecting baby with husband, 26, despite 37-year age gap

The pair have already listened to the baby’s heartbeat despite some thinking it’s ‘not posible’

A couple have claimed they’re expecting a baby together, despite the fact they have a 37-year age gap, leaving some wondering how it’s “possible”.

Cheryl, 63, announced her and 26-year-old’s Quran’s happy news in a TikTok video, captioning the clip: “It’s finally happening we’re starting our family”. They explained that their surrogate was pregnant, showing off the positive test, sharing that they’d been to the doctor with the surrogate, and they’d listened to their baby’s heartbeat.

The pair were beaming from ear to ear as they announced the happy news, showing off the photos from the scan their surrogate had undergone.

Cheryl, who already has seven children from a previous relationship and 17 grandchildren, and Quran did a happy dance as they showed off the scan, in disbelief that they were going to be parents together, singing choruses of “woo” and “oh baby”.

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Quran said: “I can’t wait, we finally get to start our little family. I’m so happy. I’m gonna be a father. We got a family, finally”. As part of the announcement video, they also played a clip of the baby’s heartbeat, hashtagging “happiness” and “thank god” as part of the caption.

In the comments of the video, people were quick to ask questions about how it was possible the pair were having a child, with some suggesting she may have “had her eggs frozen”. “How?”, many people asked, but of course, until Cheryl chooses to share their journey in full, it remains a mystery.

“Congrats my love! It’s never too late to be a mother! Make sure you sign a contract with this person so later on there won’t be any problems”, someone suggested.


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    “So happy for y’all and don’t listen to the haters they are just jealous”, another penned.

    Others said it was a “beautiful moment” that they were going to “cherish”, once again urging them not to listen to “haters”.

    One TikToker even said they’d be “great parents”.

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