How to make a temporary toilet while camping or at a festival

A woman has taken to Reddit to offer a simple solution to needing to use the toilet during long distance journeys and camping trips

A savvy Brit has shared a “temporary toilet” hack for those camping and travelling long distances over the summer months.

With festival season almost upon us, she detailed her unusual method on Reddit – designed to come to the aid of people who have the urge to go – but lack suitable facilities around them.

Writing in the LifeHacks subreddit, the woman penned: “Van life? Camping? Toilet out of commission at home? Stuck in traffic? Frequent urination SOS emergency, gotta go now? Endless uses! Make bathroom breaks easier and more sanitary with this simple solution.”

She then detailed a list of items required for the hack before you set off. “Grab a bucket, line it with biodegradable toilet bags, and add some kitty litter to the bottom,” she explained. “When nature calls, the kitty litter will absorb the liquid, preventing spills and eliminating odours.”

The Reddit user closed her trick by saying: “For added convenience, use a lid to keep any smells contained until you can properly dispose of the bag. Happy travels and smooth ‘movements’!”

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Temporary Toilet On The Road Hack
byu/KindVibesOnly inlifehacks

People seemed to love the idea, as one person wrote: “I think this is a great tip for emergencies.” A second person penned in hindsight: “Stuck in a multi-hour traffic jam with a vomiting child: this would have been a useful backstop.”

Whilst a third added: “I was road tripping in the States plus im hiking the mountains, when nature calls usually i was dug a hole and then i covered it. Thus said not implying the tip doesn’t have its uses…. Actually having some cat litter in a bag or bottle is a great idea if someone is in need of peeing in a kinda busy place.”

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    Others, meanwhile, elaboated on the original idea, adding further suggestions to make those long journeys all that more comfortable.

    “Litter will work, but what is way better – not just for smell, but weight wise (and cost) is wood shavings like for hamster bedding,” another woman explained. “That is what we used for the composting toilet and I was amazed at how well it worked. If you add a little bit of litter to the bottom, it will soak some liquid up, but the shavings on top work for everything.”

    A second person recommended: “If you’re extra heavy, consider 2 buckets, 1 inside the other, for structural integrity and height. Also, kitty litter heavy, consider wheat pellets (also made for cat piss and poops) and they are soooo much lighter and easier to manage and store.

    “Multiple layers of trash bags so you can do your business, tie it off and leave it in the next bag until you get to your destination drop off. And always have the lid ready to contain.”

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    After some people admitted they felt disgusted at the prospect of having their faeces in their vehicle with them, the woman later returned to her post to add: “I stash litter and a bag in a container and forget about it until I might need it. Ever think about those living in their cars or camping without toilets?

    “It takes up what, a foot of space? I’d rather be prepared than scramble for a dusty, soggy Taco Bell cup I probably don’t even have.”

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