‘I pulled my 10-year-old son out of a sleepover after mum tried to put a nappy on him’

The mother (37) took the shocking incident on Reddit explaining how the mother of his son’s friend first shared it on Facebook.

A mother was left flabbergasted after her 10-year-old son was put to shame publicly by his friend’s mother who forced him to put a nappy on him during a sleepover. The mother (37) took the shocking incident on Reddit explaining how the mother of his son’s friend first shared it on Facebook.

The mother explained that her 10-year-old son, whom she called, Sam, was called for a sleepover at his friend’s place, Taylor (name changed). She dropped off her son at Taylor’s place after his mother, whom she called Lady, insisted that the boys spend some time together.

She wrote: “Toward the end of the day around 9-ish, I got a call from my son’s phone. He has a basic flip phone for things like this. He was upset and wanted to come home. I asked what was wrong and he told me that [the mum] wanted to put him in a diaper. I told him to put her on the phone and she answered it in a huff telling me my son wasn’t being stubborn and misbehaving. I could hear my son in the background saying he just wanted to go home. So I told her I’d be there in a few minutes and hung up.”

She hurriedly reached Taylor’s home where his father apologised for the trouble. She then went ahead to speak to Sam and was left shocked after hearing the incident. She continued: “When I got there I was let in by her husband, he apologised for the trouble and I went to find my son.

“He was still upset when I found him sitting at their kitchen table along with Taylor. Asked him what was going on and he explained to me that because Taylor wet his bed [his mum] wanted him to wear a diaper as well. I turned and looked at the lady and told her Sam doesn’t wet the bed and didn’t need to put anything extra on for bed.

“She argued back that it wouldn’t hurt him and would make Taylor feel better. To be honest I kind of understood where she was coming at and even considered asking Sam if he’d be willing to do it for his friend.

“That was until I saw the thing, I was expecting a pullup. But this was what looked like a thick adult diaper meant to fit kids. Then the shocker came when my son told me she tried me make him take off his pants and lay on the floor so she could put it on him. I turned back to [the mum] and told how inappropriate this all was and collected his things to leave. She got belligerent and said Sam didn’t have anything she hasn’t seen before.”

She left the house feeling bad for Taylor. However, she was furious after she saw that his mother had shared everything on Facebook. She claimed that most of the commenters were in support of Taylor’s mother. However, the online community in Reddit did not support Taylor’s mother and was left upset after reading the incident.

One person commented: “Making a 10-year old take off his pants against his will in order to put him into an un-needed diaper would get you in trouble with the police in most countries. I would politely let one or two other gossipy moms in the class know what is going on and let her be rightly reviled. Her intent was good, but her execution was horrific. If she put hands on my son to make him take his pants off, there would be hell to pay, let me tell you. I wouldn’t put my hands on her, but there would be words with the right people.

“If you feel the need to correct things on FB, I would say: ‘Lady, every story has two sides. All I ask is that strangers do not seek to put their hands on my son’s undressed body.’ But that would cause a s***storm, so maybe don’t…”

Another person said: “Putting it in Facebook is also weird, as the internet is forever and she just told the world her son still wets the bed at 10. Poor Taylor. Her using diapers like that on her own son is odd to me as well when there are so many other options, like you said pull-ups, or they sell great waterproof blankets and fitted sheets on Amazon or even buy the poor kid some period panties that just look like black boy shorts, then he doesn’t have to be embarrassed at a sleepover or have his mom put him in a diaper.”

A third user said: “Ok that is WEIRD. I would defriend this person and never speak to her again. I would tell my kid to be nice and be friends with the child at school and leave it at that. Domt make trouble with weirdos like this. She is obviously insecure at best or has some weird psychological problems so if you continue you’ll be exposed to more of that. I feel SO sorry for her kid though!”

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