‘I saved neighbour’s life but now he’s rude – I got revenge’

A woman’s quick-thinking saved her neighbour’s life after she found him passed out – but rather than thanking her, the man sparked up a bitter feud.

A woman has revealed how she saved her neighbour’s life but her kindness sparked a bitter rivalry – and now she has got revenge.

The Australian homeowner found her neighbour unconscious while mowing his lawn and promptly called an ambulance. Despite her heroic act, the man never thanked her, although his daughter did send a note saying: “Thanks for saving my daddy.”

The woman detailed the incident on Reddit, claiming: “I saw his mower tipped up and saw this purple man lying there. I dunked towels in the pool and covered him in them. Ants were biting him and all. An ambulance came and took him. He never thanked me.”

To add insult to injury, the woman claimed that her neighbour’s dogs killed her cat while he was recuperating in hospital. Far from being apologetic, the man began to harass her after he recovered.

She said: “When I see him out there he does sexual gestures and motions, and smirks at me. I avoid being visible to him just because of it.” She also said he makes excessive noise.

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But it’s not just her who is subjected to his distasteful behaviour. “He yells at his family,” she shared.

“Screams and throws stuff. Threatens his 4-year-old daughter who yells back. He’s not hit them as far as I know. He does workouts outside on gym equipment that is not meant to be outside. It’s rusting.”

However the ingenious woman is now getting her own back after devising a few cunning tactics to exact revenge. “He has his friends over to watch football and because the driveway is steep his friends park outside his house and block us in. So I went out there with seed and threw it all over is friends cars. I’m in Australia and lots of cockatoos and gallahs come and s*** where they eat.

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    “He drinks and has his music playing til 3 am. So while they have their hangover morning. (wife and kids aren’t home) at 6am I point my speakers at his house and turn on the high-pitched dog whistle app just enough to hear it. I heard them yelling ‘What’s that ringing noise!’ They start screaming and leave with their s***-covered cars.”

    Others were quick to empathise with the woman, even offering suggestions for further retribution. One suggested: “Throw the bird feed on his gym equipment!” while another added: “Berries first for the birds, then the seed. Their poo will look like a crime scene.”

    Another commenter recommended: “A super-soaker filled with saltwater will help with speeding up rust on his gym equipment. The speaker noise is pure genius, though! “.

    One resident proposed removing the wheels from the bin to make it difficult to move; responding to this suggestion, she exclaimed: “The road is dirt and we have to bring our bins to the main road, it’s about 1km and we all use towbars to bring them down the road. Having no wheels on a bin is more than losing his mind. Good idea.”

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