‘I told my wife I didn’t like the Christmas present she got me – now she’s fuming’

The social media user shared the incident on Reddit seeking suggestions from people over the matter.

A husband and wife have got into a huge row after the former expressed his dissatisfaction over a Christmas gift. The social media user shared the incident on Reddit seeking suggestions from people over the matter.

The husband explained that he had to attend a funeral in November and during that time he mentioned the idea of getting a black tie. However, he was left distressed to see that his wife surprised him with a black tie as a Christmas gift.

He wrote: “Sadly, I had to go to a funeral in November. I remarked at the time that I really should get a black tie sometime.

“Then on Christmas morning I unwrapped my present and yep my wife bought me a black tie… I have to be honest it made me sad to think about funerals on Christmas morning but hey.”

Despite also giving thoughtful gifts to his wife, when he expressed his feelings about the tie making him sad, his wife became upset and interpreted it as ingratitude.

He continued: “I bought her perfume, a necklace and a nice jacket I knew she liked. Today I mentioned that it made me sad and now she’s really huffing with me like crazy, really upset at my ungratefulness.”

The online community flocked to the comment section to share their views.

One person commented: “You two just need to have wishlists that the other person can use as a reference for gifts. My friends do that and it works great.

“Some people are just terrible gift givers.”

Another person said: “So she got you a funeral tie and a CD after you said you didn’t like the singer. For Christmas. Yikes. Yikes on several fucking bikes.”

A third user said:”I’m really sorry that sound like an awful Xmas present, and something that could, potentially, ruined it. Definitely NTA, you might need to rethink about your relationship, she doesn’t sounds like a loving partner.”

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