‘I’ve noticed issue with son’s name now he’s six-months-old’

A mother has only just noticed a problem with her son’s name six months after he was born, leading to a hilarious coincidence.

A mother has noticed an issue with her six-month-old son’s name.

Explaining the bizarre coincidence on Reddit’s r/namenerds forum, user groovysuzie explained the “ridiculous” realisation means her mother and son share the same name.

She wrote: “6 months later, I realized I accidentally named my son after my mom. I just had a funny/ ridiculous realization that my son’s middle and first name said together is my mom’s name.”

Using examples so as to not reveal their real names, the Reddit user continued: “Mom’s name: Marilyn. Son’s name: Lin Mara.

“It’s so ridiculous I can’t believe nobody else has noticed. The example given makes it a little more obvious than their actual names but not by much.

6 months later, I realized I accidentally named my son after my mom
byu/groovysuzie innamenerds

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“My son’s first name is meaningful in his dad’s language and his middle name has a meaning in the languages of both our cultures.”

Despite the confusion over the name, some users suggested the similarity could be a smart choice. One user wrote: “I knew a woman whose maiden name was Margolin. She named her daughter Margo Lin (first and middle – maybe spelled Lynn, idr), along with her married last name. I thought it clever, but not a gimmick.”

Another user claimed the initial poster had accidentally done something similar to a tradition where the maiden name of the wife is given to the child.


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    They wrote: “In the South there is a tradition of either moving the maiden name to the middle for the wife, or naming the first child if it’s a boy the mother’s maiden name as a middle name, and if it’s a girl the mothers maiden name as a first name.”

    Another Reddit user revealed they had also named their offspring in a similar fashion, but it took a little longer to realise.

    They wrote: “When we told my daughter she was named after my grandmother, Florence, she asked my mom if I was named after my grandmother (mom’s mom), too, because my name was in the middle of her name. At first we were puzzled and then just like that it hit us. My name is Lauren.”

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