Jilted singletons don’t have to be hurt this Valentine’s Day – thanks to thorn-free roses

Florist brand, Arena Flowers, is removing the “pricks” from the romantic day this year, for those who have suffered relationship heartbreak. This article contains affiliate links, we will receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

A florist is offering thorn-free roses to the victims of cheaters this Valentine’s Day. Arena Flowers is removing the spikes, so that jilted singletons will not have to endure any more “pricks”.

The tongue-in-cheek giveaway will take place in the build-up to Valentine’s Day – arguably the toughest time of year for anyone who has faced recent heartbreak.

Freddie Blackett, from Arena Flowers, said: “There are enough pricks in the world without having them in your home this month.

“Valentine’s can be a tricky time, and we have been particularly moved by recent high-profile heartbreak which has been on the front and back pages of the papers.

“We know people may not want to engage with Valentine’s, due to bad memories and hurt feelings. Our “prick-free” offering is our small reminder that you can treat yourself to a bouquet that comes without any contact from a prick.”

The free-to-order, prick-free roses will be available online from February 5th to 13th.

A limited number of bouquets will be made available online daily, reserved exclusively for victims of cheaters and ghosters. And overall, more than 100 bunches of roses will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meanwhile, for customers who want to keep a memento of their cheating ex, the florist will even provide a box of pricks stripped from the roses.

Freddie Blackett, from Arena Flowers, added: “This small box of pricks will be available to do as the person sees fit – whether it’s regifting them, scattering them somewhere memorable, or simply holding on to them as a keepsake reminder.”

An additional product available to receive for free is a “prick stripper”, so the recipient can remove thorns from any flowers they have in the home for the rest of the year.

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