Life after death: Man ‘was taken’ to hell in nightmarish near-death experience

A MAN who claims to have died and gone to hell has shared his nightmarish memories of life after death.

Many people who have stood on the brink of death claim to have had a profound experience of the afterlife. And although scientists have not found concrete evidence life after death is real, studying so-called near-death experiences (NDEs) might one day provide the answer. One person who claims to already know what happens when we die is Chuck.


    According to Chuck’s testimony, he suffered an allergic reaction to wasp venom while taking injections from his doctor in 1998.

    Within minutes of the procedure, searing pain shot through Chuck’s body and he could feel himself slipping out of consciousness.

    Before he blacked out, he was blinded by an intense light.

    However, instead of being transported before the Pearly Gates, Chuck found himself in a truly hellish setting.


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    He said: “Before losing consciousness, with eyes open, I was blinded by a bright light.

    “The pain ceased and a warmth came over me. From that point forward, I remember nothing in the human form but only that of spirit.

    “This was a place of no rest, gnashing of teeth. I thought I knew what it was to lead a good life, what it took to get into heaven. The end was here, for eternity.”

    But as he came to accept his situation, Chuck saw a light emerge from the darkness.

    He is certain the light was God, who came down to save him from his predicament.

    Chuck said: ” I felt his overwhelming presence, a safety I’ve never known before, a love so great that He chose to save me from the fiery death. Something I knew I did not deserve.

    “Who was I to receive this grace? He sent me back to the flesh to tell others the truth before it’s too late.”

    In the wake of the accident, Chuck said he reevaluated his life and the world around him.

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    He has described the incident as frightening and was filled with remorse upon realising he had died.

    However, the medical community does not consider NDEs to be genuine instances of a person dying.

    Instead, experts believe these bizarre experiences can be explained through non-supernatural means.

    For examples, a prevailing theory states NDEs are simply hallucinations caused by a lack of sufficient oxygen in the brain.

    Another popular theory suggests NDEs initiate the process of brain cells dying, which can also cause hallucinations.

    Whatever the cause is, NDE patients often share similar visions of travelling down a tunnel or seeing long-deceased relatives.

    In many cases, people also experience floating or out-of-body sensations.

    In the UK, the NHS does not consider NDEs to be genuine cases of people dying.


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