Life after death: Man’s experience of leaving world in his ‘spirit body’ exposed

A MAN who claims to have left his physical body during a near-death experience (NDE) is convinced life after death is real.

The man who introduced himself as Dave was left teetering on the brink of death after suffering a heart attack in 2015. The incident left Dave clinically dead, meaning his heart ceased to function. But Dave’s story did not end there, as he has vivid memories of being outside of his physical body.


    These so-called out-of-body experiences are a common thread among people who have reported NDEs.

    Writing on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), Dave said: “The emergency medical technicians came in, gave me aspirin, and starting hooking up wires to my chest.

    “After about five minutes, my arms went numb and I was panicking. I knew that was it.

    “For some unknown reason, I jumped off the bed onto the carpet. I don’t remember hitting the floor.”


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    After a few seconds, Dave saw a green mist or fog that was lit up by low light.

    He suddenly found himself in a place where he no longer felt any pain.

    Dave said: “The place, where I was, seemed so surreal and so pleasant.

    “I was very conscious but seemed to be in another place.

    “I couldn’t see anyone, no paramedics or other people.

    “Then I realized that I was dead and I said aloud, ‘I’m dead.'”

    Dave then recalls the paramedics trying to revive his heart.

    He was aware of what was happening and could move from his waist up.

    His legs, however, felt heavy and seemed planted into the ground.

    He said: “My body was different, so it must have been my spirit body.

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    “I could feel everything but had no sensation of pain; it was such as a pleasant feeling but very surreal.

    “I wasn’t afraid at all and almost didn’t want to leave, but I felt like it wasn’t my time and wanted to go back to my body.”

    Dave was eventually revived and awoke to a group of medics standing over him.

    The experience, he said, has strengthened his belief life goes on after death.

    Most medical experts, however, do not consider NDEs to be genuine instances of a person dying.

    Some experts have proposed NDEs are hallucinations caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain.

    The NHS said: “A more accepted definition of death is when brain stem death occurs, which is when all neural activity in the deepest brain ceases.

    “While it is possible to keep the heart functioning using life support systems, a person with brain stem death has permanently lost the potential for consciousness.

    “The existence of an ‘afterlife’ remains a matter of belief, not scientific proof.”


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