Life on Mars: Hasa NASA’s Curiosity photographed a humanoid alien on Mar?

UFO hunters are certain NASA’s Curiosity rover has found evidence of alien life on Mars, citing official photos that appear to show a human-shaped anomaly.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring the surface of Mars for signs of life since 2012. Although the rover has failed to unearth concrete evidence of alien life, many conspiracy theorists believe the evidence could be hidden in plain sight – in the rover’s photos. Self-titled UFO hunter Scott C Waring has proposed one such photo reveals the remains of a dead “humanoid” alien in the background.


    Mr Waring took to his blog ET Data Base where he shared official NASA snapshots of Mars.

    The supposed alien, which at first glance appears to be nothing more than a rock, was highlighted by Mr Waring in brown and yellow.

    He said: “Now this is rare. It’s not every day you find a humanoid body laying on the surface of an alien planet.

    “The body remains mostly intact and is definitely not a statue.

    “The legs are boney and dried out. One leg is even broken off at the knee.


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    “The other leg is mostly intact with a foot at the end.

    “The chest and lower stomach area is different from humans in that its more reptilian-like.”

    The UFO hunter then pointed out features that he believes can prove his bizarre claims.

    He said: “The upper arms are less visible, but one arm can be seen behind the person’s shoulder.

    “The neck, ear, cheek, nose, eye and hair are all easily seen.

    “The focus of the person is great, the quality of the photo is high.

    “There is no doubt in my mind that this was an intelligent being which stood about two metres tall on Mars.”

    Mr Waring went on to suggest the supposed alien’s DNA is radically different to our own, explaining how it has survived on the planet’s surface.

    Alternatively, the expert suggested the alien may have died very recently.

    He said: “I also found some other anomalies that are proof of alien life, but they pale in comparison to the alien body.”

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    Mr Waring also shared his discoveries on YouTube where many people agreed with his claims.

    One viewer said: “Obviously most of them seem to be living in the interior.

    “They know we are looking around and taking pictures.

    “They are probably playing with us and testing us by placing things on the planet surface as well.”

    Another person said: “Hi Scott, animal or mineral? Either way they are not natural. Great find.”

    A third person said: “Don’t say they cause they will try to knock you off. Good job with finding that stuff.”

    However, it is more likely the photos are a case of pareidolia.

    Pareidolia is a bizarre effect that causes the brain to see shapes and patterns where they do not exist.

    For example, pareidolia can cause people to see faces in rock formations of identifiable shapes in random clouds.


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