Man gets last laugh after barmaid laughs at fruity drink

A man has been praised for getting revenge on a ‘judgy’ barmaid who laughed at his drink order while he was on holiday with his son.

A man has been praised for his clever retaliation against a ‘judgemental’ barmaid who mocked his drink order.

He revealed he’s not a frequent drinker but does enjoy a fruity cocktail occasionally, particularly when unwinding on vacation. While watching football in a bar abroad with his 14-year-old son, he decided to order a Pina Colada while enjoying the sunshine.

However, the barmaid working there began to laugh at his drink selection, leading him to assume it was due to his ‘feminine’ beverage choice. He shared on Reddit: “The server came by and asked if we wanted drinks, I asked for a Pina Colada and she sniggered a little at the order and kind of laughed out an ‘okay’ then walked off to make it.

“This annoyed me a little, I’m just a grown man wanting to drink a tasty cocktail what’s wrong with that? When she brought the drink back I got my petty revenge.”

As she set the drink on the table, he said: “My mum loved these, God rest her. I always have one on the anniversary of her death to remember her”. At this point, a look of “horror” spread across her face as she attempted to make her apologies and leave the table.

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However, not willing to let her off the hook that easily, he requested a cocktail stirrer, forcing her to return to the table.

He further shared: “When she came back I took a sip from the straw, kissed my hand, and pointed to the sky trying to look sad. She was so visibly uncomfortable that I had to stifle my own laughs. She noticeably avoided our table multiple times after this.”

While many online users applauded him for teaching her a lesson, others chimed in with their own experiences of being judged for their drink choices. One user recounted: “My younger brother is a big guy, I mean big. He has a shaved head, many tattoos, swears like a sailor, and looks pretty scary really.”

“He also really likes a cocktail. Years ago (too many) he took me out for my 30th birthday, we had a lovely meal and then went to sit at the bar. They had a limited-time, seasonal cocktail called a peardrop.

A barmaid laughed at my drink order.
byu/hovis_mavis inpettyrevenge

“I can’t even remember what was in it, but they were bloody good, we were both drunk by the time we left. He’s not remotely bothered or ashamed by what others might think. Enjoy your cocktails guys, life is far too short. Also fair play to you that was a stunning slapback.”

Another user added: “My boyfriend is a big 6’5″ dude and he loves the fruitiest cocktails around. He hates beer and the taste of alcohol straight. Meanwhile, I can’t handle sugary drinks. Whenever we order drinks, servers always place his cocktail in front of me and my beer in front of him. Let men enjoy their cocktails!”


    A third individual shared: “I’m a huge bearded guy, and my wife is small, like 5’2″. I drink fruity foo-foo tiki drinks and she drinks straight whiskey. It never fails that people flip our drinks around when they bring them to the table or bar. I also do most of the cooking in the kitchen and she BBQs and smokes, just to really shake it up a bit more.”

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