Man gets proposal tattoo and some tell girlfriend to ‘run’

A man took to Reddit to share the unusual way he decided to propose to his girlfriend, but people have been left in stitches at the gesture.

A man’s unique marriage proposal has caused quite a stir online.

Opting to propose via a tattoo that read, “Nicole, will you marry me?”, the unnamed individual posted a picture of his inked request on Reddit, and was met with diverse responses.

Highlighted within the peculiar design was a stipulation stating that a positive answer would bind the prospective bride to him from 2024 onwards – a detail which many users deemed overly dramatic.

The post, under the title “do you think she said yes? “, spurred varied feedback throughout the community. It seemed the romantic gesture failed to sweep the majority off their feet.

The unusual manner of proposing has garnered significant attention on the platform. Many were left wondering what the man’s next steps might be if Nicole ultimately declined the proposal.

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While it was undoubtedly a daring move by the love-stricken Romeo, most agreed that it also bordered on the absurd. A multitude of questions surrounding his unorthodox method of proposing reverberated across the forum.

One user candidly shared: “I’ve seen some genuinely impressive levels of idiocy in my forty five years on earth, but this is outstanding.”

Another observed: “This looks like a picture that would go viral on Facebook in like 2013. The fact that this is from 2024 amazes me.”

Another member brought some levity to the situation with their response: “Regardless of how much I loved him I would just have to say no for about half an hour. Too good of an opportunity to miss.”

Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: “And the award for Outstanding Achievement in Idiocy for no reason whatsoever goes to.”

do you think she said yes
byu/combatostrich inshittytattoos

Predictably, the unusual tattoo sparked a flurry of jokes and comments. Many people noted they would have declined the proposal – simply because the situation was too hilarious.

One user didn’t mince words, stating: “I could be madly and entirely in love and devoted to someone. If they showed up with this that would vanish immediately.

“I would never trust my judgement in dating again after being so head over heels for an impulsive, money wasting, foolish man.”

Another chimed in with: “I wouldn’t even have the decency to check the ‘no’ box, I’d just be outta there.”

Meanwhile, another advised: “Jesus… run Nicole, run very far away.”

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