Simple tip to stop bins from smelling – it takes seconds

It’s super annoying when your bin starts to smell, but you have to let it fill up before you empty it. Luckily, there’s something you can do to rid the whiff.

There’s nothing worse than a smelly bin.

When you work hard to keep your house clean and tidy, those unwanted whiffs are never pleasant. Not to mention, they’re super annoying, and often get you down.

Luckily for us, a woman has shared her top tip on TikTok to stop the trash from smelling. The content creator, known as purdyandfigg, said it’s “quick and easy”, and will take seconds for you to pull off.

She said it’s important to clean the bin out thoroughly before putting essential oils on a felt pad to scent it. Then all you have to do is pop it in your bin.

It really is that easy, and it’s left people online mindblown. What a simple way to keep your rubbish smelling fresh.

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If you have some felt sticky pads to hand, it’s a simple trick to use, as they simply stick to the inside of your bin. She attatches one to her bin lid in the video to make the most of the scents.

According to her, if you opt for a really strong smelling scent, then it should keep your trash smelling good for days. It may seem simple, but it’s super effective!

People have been raving about the hack since she shared it, with many gobsmacked at just how simple it is. It’s surpising many people had never thought of it before when you think about it.

What’s more is, you can pick whichever scent you like, which means it’s another way to get your favourite aromas flooding the home. It’s always good when you can add an extra layer of loveliness to your humble abode.

@purdyandfigg Quick and easy hack! ?????? Instead of creating more waste by taking your bin out everday as it smells so bad, make sure your cleaning out your bun thoroughly and then using essential oils on a felt pad to scent it. You can choose whichever scent you like! It will stop your bin from smelling for days ?????? #bin #binhack #homehack #quickhacks #homeaccount #hometips #homemade #diyscents #diyhacks #rubbishbinhack #cleantok #cleaninghacks ♬ original sound – Purdy & Figg | Cleaning Hacks

One person commented: “Good idea. And take the trash out regularly.” Another wrote: “Where do you get the disks please?”

The hack sharer was quick to respond to this – and told people they’re easy to pick up at any DIY store, or via online retailers like Amazon.

They’re usually called felt stickers for furniture if you struggle to find them, but they clearly have more uses than one. Many people seemed impressed by the trick and were keen to try and pimp their bins.

After all, nobody wants their kitchen to smell bad due to rubbish piling up. This hack will ensure you can fill up your trash, while knowing it won’t get in the way of anything.

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