Man left in fits of laughter after finding out why he keeps hearing car horns in sleep

The man couldn’t control his amusement after finding out why he kept hearing the supposed car horn in his sleep.

A man couldn’t stop laughing when he found out why he kept hearing a car honking during dreams he was having – and where the noise actually came from.

It’s really annoying when you’re trying to rest and there’s a loud car horn. And one man got fed up with the noise every night because he thought someone was doing it on purpose.

He lives near a shop and is used to cars, but one night he went to check the noise and discovered something funny.

On Reddit, he shared that the noise was actually a dog in the car making all that racket. He said: “I live opposite a shop in a village that has its own car park.

“There is a couple that drives there quite often, and I know exactly when this is because every time there is the same pattern: One goes into the shop on their own, leaving the other in the car. Minutes pass.”

However, the resident found it amusing rather than annoying when he discovered that the honking was coming from a dog left in the car.

He said: “This SHOULD be super frustrating when I’m trying to snooze in bed but, as it’s a dog left in the car beeping the horn and it’s super cute, I can’t bring myself to be annoyed at all!”

The resident found it hilarious that the dog was trying to get their owner’s attention. Other people shared their thoughts too.

One person gave advice on buying a house: “Three location-based rules for house buying: never near a grocery shop; never near a school, never with adjacent driveways.”

Another person added: “That poor dog must be wondering where all the noise is coming from! Like when my kid gets out the driver’s side and makes himself jump because he’s leaned on the horn bit of the steering wheel for support.”

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