Man left in stitches as unexpected parcel takes him by surprise

A man was left in stitches when he went to pick up a parcel he’d been waiting for, only to find it had been packaged in a very unusual way.

Ordering online can often feel like a roll of the dice.

We’ve all grown accustomed to the convenience of clicking to buy everything from fashion to food, but occasionally, what lands on your doorstep is a far cry from what you expected. From clothing orders that leave you bewildered to cringe-worthy moments with couriers, the virtual shopping realm can be full of surprises.

And for one chap, the surprise was particularly startling when he collected a parcel that was nothing like what he anticipated. Instead of receiving his goods in a typical sealed bag or nondescript cardboard box, he found himself holding a Birds Eye fish finger package adorned with a Royal Mail label.

The image of this unconventional packaging choice was initially shared on X (previously known as Twitter) before being swiftly deleted, yet a screenshot of the post resurfaced on Reddit. Accompanying the original photo was the caption: “When you buy something from eBay and they package it like this..”

What the gentleman actually ordered remains a mystery, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t a box of fish fingers!

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Argggh Aye, Captain
byu/ntrrgnm inroyalmail

The picture showed the fish finger carton, which once contained 10 cod pieces, taped shut at the top, hinting that the eBay vendor had opted for the fishy container in a moment of desperation due to a lack of proper packaging.

The comment section erupted with people scratching their heads over the seller’s peculiar choice of delivery vessel, with some sharing their own tales of receiving items in odd packaging.

One person revealed: “Better than the CPU I received in a Domino’s pizza box a couple of weeks ago (and no the seller didn’t use any void packaging and they didn’t cover up the hole the sauce slots into, the CPU didn’t work).”

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Another chimed in with a bizarre tale: “My mate delivered a stick yesterday, it had a tracked label on it. No, it wasn’t any tool handle, it was a nice bendy stick though.”

A third shared their own peculiar experience: “Over here at DHL, someone had sent something in a Jordan’s Cereal box. That was definitely a first! Otherwise, we’ve had bin bags and all sorts around here.”


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    Meanwhile, another recounted: “I once bought a used HDD enclosure on eBay, and it arrived wrapped in newspaper and sellotape, with an address label and postage stamp.”

    One commenter confessed to similar antics, albeit with an empty box of chicken burgers instead of fish fingers. While some applauded the creativity and recycling effort, one critic highlighted the ick factor, especially with a fish finger box, noting that they “aren’t individually wrapped”.

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