Only those with a high IQ can crack this tricky brainteaser in under 14 seconds

The puzzle challenges players to spot the odd ball out of more than 100.

Only those with high IQs are able to crack this tricky new brainteaser with a football theme.

The puzzle created by Ticket Compare challenges players to spot the odd ball out of more than 100 with all apart from one completely identical.

Players have just 14 seconds to find the football and one tip is to scan along each row in the image.

The brainteaser’s creators say they invented the puzzle to get players excited about the upcoming Champions League final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid.

While the challenge may look easy, it has taken some players longer than eight minutes to solve with the repetitive nature able to trick the mind into missing the odd one out.

For those still struggling, the ball is hidden in the middle of the image.

Those who decide to give up can find the answer at the bottom of the article.

This brain puzzle is an example of an observational brainteaser, one of three main types of brainteasers. Observational brainteasers are complex graphics and images that ask users to spot an anomaly within.

The two other most common types of brainteasers are analytical and mathematical brainteasers.

Analytical brainteasers very often pose a written riddle or puzzle that the user has to solve as quickly as possible. Mathematical brainteasers on the other hand take the form of complex maths-based questions.

No matter what form brainteasers take, they are a great way to stimulate the mind and give the brain a workout.

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