Man orders Deliveroo dinner but is gobsmacked at bag that arrives

A man who ordered sushi from Deliveroo was gobsmacked by the bag that was dropped off at his front door by the driver – it contained something very different.

A man was left horrified after his takeaway treat turned out to be completely the wrong thing.

Few things beat the feeling of your order arriving at your door, so it can be a letdown when you don’t get quite what you expected. That’s exactly what happened to one man who was looking forward to a sushi meal from Kokoro.

The unfortunate culinary mishap, however, saw him receive something else entirely. He then took to Reddit’s British Problems forum where he claimed that instead of unwrapping mouth-watering sushi, he found himself staring at a roast dinner from Toby Carvery.

He wrote: “Thanks Deliveroo. I ordered sushi and got Toby Carvery.

“Yes, I can get a refund. Allegedly. But what do I eat tonight?”

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Updating his original post, the man revealed he had contacted Kokoro, who promptly fixed the mistake. Eventually, he was able to indulge in the sushi meal he’d originally wanted, adding: “I hope the Toby customer got his meal.”

The man also posted a comment in which he detailed exactly what went wrong with his order, and how it was fixed.

He shared: “The driver had another delivery on board and gave me the wrong one. I didn’t check, I just thought they’d changed their packaging. I always meet the driver outside because the house is tricky to find and I know they don’t have much time. So it was only when I came to unwrap the food that I saw the logo and read the receipt.

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Thanks Deliveroo. I ordered sushi and got Toby Carvery
byu/anemoschaos inbritishproblems

“Frustratingly there is no way to report that in Deliveroo. There isn’t an option to say ‘We got someone else’s dinner’. I phoned the restaurant and gave them the delivery number of the wrong food and they sorted it out from there. And the delivery man found the house so all came good in the end.”

The man’s ordeal prompted others in the comment section to recount their own tales with various delivery services, with one individual even boasting about being allowed to keep a hefty bag of food that was mistakenly delivered to them.

They recounted: “I ordered some super glue and drain unblocker from Tesco the other month and received three huge bags filled with tons of food. I phoned them up and they gave me a refund and told me to keep the food.

“I feel bad for whoever ordered the food though, because all they got was some super glue and drain unblocker.”


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    A Deliveroo spokesperson told us: “Deliveroo works hard to ensure our customers have the best possible experience from the moment a customer places an order right through to the order arriving.

    “If anything goes wrong, customers can reach our customer service team and report any issues within the app including issues like the mix-up in this scenario.

    “We are pleased that the customer got their correct order in the end.”

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